If it’s President’s Day…

Mid-February?  Then i’m at an annual geek fest workshop, somewhere sunny and warm.  As i nursed coffee and Tylenol for breakfast*, i was trying to remember how many years i’ve been attending.  First one?  Probably 1994.  In New Orleans.

The next year?  i was added to the organizing committee.  Probably because of my demonstrated drinking and debauchery technical credentials.  After doing my time as an organizer, mostly have been just part of the techno-rabble ever since. 

For the past four years?  As a panelist on the “Senior Guru” session.  Which includes beer.  i could pretend it’s because of my brilliance, but more likely it’s because i do “stand up” during the panel session, and often torment the arrogant and clueless…

Two years ago i was optimizing my ‘fucking off’ time.  Last year, i was assaulted while bedraggled and partially clothed… 

This year?  i am simply enjoying surf and sand – i’ve got no complaints**.  As i watched the multi-national ‘sand volleyball’ nerd-ament this evening?  It struck me that i love these goofy bastards…

Can anyone spot the German scientist?

* Standard fare at this event…  Alcohol may have been a factor.

** But it’s not over yet.  The group dinner tonight, and then an entire day of nerdery tomorrow…  There’s plenty of opportunity for something to piss me off.

21 thoughts on “If it’s President’s Day…

  1. “Can anyone spot the German scientist?” Oooh oooh oooh me! I can! And I believe I appreciate that you didn’t post a close-up.

  2. imeantno – he’s actually quite attractive, charming and brilliant. when not in his swim wear…

    tysdaddy – no, unfortunately. he was in his beach gear. thankfully wearing sweats on the bus to the beach. this year…

    rob – ding!ding!ding! yes…. god love ’em…

    nursemyra – he’s a cutie. especially on the dance floor. does a very special version of ‘interperative dance of the dying butterfly’ to techno music. but i genuinely adore him. and the other dorks and nerds and dweebs at this event. they are lovely human beings. and i’m pretty drunk at the moment…

  3. Funny post! Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself and your colleagues. Isn’t it good to discover that you really like the people with whom you have to spend so much time? You’re lucky! And I, for one, truly appreciate a man who is THAT comfortable with his own body. Ya just gotta luv that.

  4. Hmm… we never do anything fun like volleyball.
    I’ve been thinking we need to organize a nerf gun war around the office. I can borrow my son’s automatic nerf cannon and dominate! Bwhaha!

    You guys are outside though. Maybe you should have a water balloon fight?

  5. jimmy – high praise. thank you. i do like my pints, and good company….

    savannah – i’m trying to talk the organizing committee into Savannah as next years location. but they point at the beach and remind me that it just snowed in Savannah… i’ll keep working on ’em!

    chris – he’s actually one of the more fashion-forward nerds. except for the damn speedo. it was fun to watch the ‘locals’ gawk. they were all in their baggy-cool board shorts… laissez le bon temps roulez!

    unbearable banishment – not slowing down. oh, no. last nights ‘dog boyz’ event was one for the record book. i’m unlikely to give this up anytime soon! as for the speedos? beats me, man…

    michele – like my family, there are folks at these meetings that make my hair stand up. avoidavoidavoid like the plague. but if they were threatened? i’d be there. and not just to point and laugh… he is much more attractive than many speedo-clad dudes i’ve seen. so that’s something…

    gnukid – i was wearing a tiara last night, as a matter of fact. and a fedora. and a feather boa. there are photos. it was fun… you need a full on ‘banana hammock’ if you’re going speedo. just do it.

    writerdood – we’ve done the ‘nerf’ thing before. and in a previous job? squirt guns ruled the day. i like the water balloon idea very much. may suggest it to the organizing committee for next years events!

  6. You realize that lately I just live vicariously through you now what with all your traveling. Enjoy this trip to the fullest and be careful with the volleyball. There’s something about that sport that turns a casual game into a trip to the ER. Brings out the uber competitive spirit in folks.

  7. A little geek-conference advice: never do a trust fall with a be-speedo’d German – nein, danke. Think Geek has a whole section on cube warefare which I think would fit in perfectly at these types of events. All the weapons plug into USB ports so they can be controlled and launched with your keyboard or mouse. Very sophisticated, very geeky fun.

  8. squirrelqueen – happy to serve… the v-ball was fairly non-competitive. but once they start speculating about the source of deep level traps in semiconductors? it gets ugly fast…

    manuel – yes, and he’s adorable. when clothed.

    sally – i will remember the sage advice, and look up ‘the cube weaponry’. as it is? the ‘trouble makers’ spent most of the day yesterday in the back of the room. wearing our sunglasses. drinking water. and saying “damn. just damn.” regarding the prior evenings events…. we could have used some catapults and the like…

    • I have horror stories about wearing those damned things.
      Let me just say that teenagers (particularly those who suffer from spontaneous erections when in the presence of the opposite sex also wearing Speedos) should never be forced to wear Speedos when participating at competitive swimming events. They even created a term for this: “Tenting.”

  9. kono – he’s quite a dancer. lots of arms. graceful… like a swan…

    uncle keith – no. actually, “NO!”

    writerdood – it’s pretty evil, but theoretically if they keep the water cool enough, that problem will be corrected as soon as they dive in!

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