Daisy Fae Who?

                                                 DaisyFae PoolsideDaisyFae PoolsideDaisyFae Poolside

After experiencing a year of mid-life joys and atrocities, it was time to speak… or write.   She’s no one special, really.  Just another mid-40’s, midwestern, mid-management woman on a mission.  After 20+ years in a pleasant, but ultimately failed, marriage — although the children are rather spectacular — she finds herself restless, hungry, and occasionally cranky.  This particular venture shares her experiences in the past (and present) as a product of a virtual trailer park…


87 thoughts on “Daisy Fae Who?

  1. if you guys do conquer the world, can i be one of your minions? sounds like a great gig (hey nursee, not stalking you, really! just saw that daisyfae put her blog address in a comment on your site and I wanted to check it out).

  2. tony – minions are cool, but i tend to empower mine! from the quick read of a few entries, i think you’re up to the challenge! for starters, we can put you in charge of ‘revenge of the servers’ – where you take all evil restaurant customers into nursemyra’s chamber of ‘not so delightful’ delights…

  3. Howzabout a recent comments widget, so that when people (okay, me) stop by they can see at a glance if there have been any new comments made.

    Oh, and fancy a a global conquering triumvirate including the lovely nurse?

  4. welcome to the park, penfold! there are no surfable waves here, but we drinks a bit… and the good nurse and i seem to have a lot in common, including an apparent penchant for ex-pat artist construction working former-DJ surfers 😉 She’s got dibs, but i’ll lend a hand (or something) while she leads the conquest!

  5. DP – Welcome to my humble Trailer Park. You’ll like it here, i think… And i owe you thanks – i was inspired to include my two children in this activity due to the wondrous way your family engages over the ether…. very sweet. and funny as hell!

  6. I had to smile at your description of the marriage that ultimately wasn’t. Reminds me of Brett Butler on her show when the teacher ragged on her kid for being from a broken home, and Brett, bold as brass, says, “No no it WAS broken, and now I’ve fixed it!” Always liked her.

  7. awalkabout – love brett butler! she coined the term ‘spam sucking trailer trash’, which is a staple of my vocabulary! my ex-husband is the worlds most patient, kind and gentle soul… we just didn’t fit as a pair. often told that we were a ‘great family’, it was awkward for me knowing that we were a lousy couple. but we move on – and both seem much happier these days!

  8. nm – not up here! but i do have that costume. wore it to the grade school when i was ‘room mother’ for my then 9 year old son’s classroom. that was one of the occasions when they decided that i couldn’t embarass them… at least more than i already had!

  9. archie – WWXD? I tried to get that as the custom plate for my jeep, as in “what would Xena drive”, but someone must have beat me to it. you keep sweet talking me, and i might have to post a photo (headless, to protect my identity, of course) of me in that costume! consider yourself rolled as well! honored, sir…

  10. I’m always amazed at the people that weave in and out of my life.
    As with you, I will be back when I have more time.
    You blog’s tagline is hysterical.
    I’ll be back tonight!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. ~m – funny how that works in the ether, isn’t it? a very efficient, ‘speed-dating’ like process, where we stumble upon words, stories and lives that resonate. i was happily self-medicating out here, and have been blown away by the resonance…

  12. Hello daisyfae.. just found your blog and read enough to know it goes on my list of daily must reads!

    .. I’m lookin to reignite my blog.. and am always lookin for ideas and experiences to add.

    til then

  13. sensitive man – Welcome to The Park! Glad you stopped by – and wish you luck with the re-ignition! Perhaps a match and some tequila?

    awalkabout – Oh. My. Goodness. SHE’S A HOOT! She calls her daughters “beyatches”… how sweet! A new daily read!

  14. miss – Welcome to The Park! Did a quick look at your blog – and it looks like we’ve got lots in common! once i get settled in after the move, i’ll definitely stop by for more!

  15. AJ – Welcome to The Park! Hope your second set went well – and i’ll be back to chat with you about the “trailer park” theme song soon! Thinking ‘blues’ for this one… Thanks!

  16. Hi there,
    I came across your site last summer while researching grief believe it or not. It was the post where you ultimately wondered whether your Dad meant ‘Watch out for the family’ or “WATCH OUT for the family” . My mother died this summer and every post you’ve written about your dad has hit the nail on the head.
    Who knew, eh?
    Keep up the good work.

  17. michael – thank you! i’m just having fun – and working through the occasional personal demon! still surprised when people stumble in, and decide to hang around a bit!

    samantha – thank you for your comment. i’ve got TONS more things to get out there, but despite my light and goofy tone, those posts are very hard to write, often leaving me rattled for several days. sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. it’s hard, no matter how old we are, or how prepared we try to be… the writing does help. i’d never done any ‘formal’ writing (outside of work, school) before i started this, and there’s a tremendous therapeutic value in it… not to mention the kindness of those who stop by and comment!

  18. I found my way into the park via a search for recycled cigarette butt yarn. Go figure! I’ve paid money for worse – I think you’re publishable. Thanks for a good chuckle.

  19. Iowa Cat Queen – Welcome to The Park! Thank you for your kind words… and at least you didn’t wander in from searching “Girl Scouts Fucking”, which is one of my more common “google” hits…

  20. I truly enjoy spending time in the park reading your fine pieces. YOU Daisyfae are one of THE funniest & smartest ladies in here (not to mention that your easy on the eyes) So what’s your secret ? Is it lack of REM sleep combined with copious amouts of alcohol ? (oops, that would be me plus endless bottles of spray cheese and reruns of Threes Company) Mind you this is NOT a disparaging comment. I’m just very envious of your wordsmithing and smart-ass wit & humor ….. it’s kind of a turn-on to be honest …… (hehe)
    CHEERS !

  21. steve – thank you. flattery will generally get you nowhere and makes me suspicious 🙂 No secrets to my writing. it’s generally better when i’m pissed off, but mostly i just tell stories… perhaps the real luck is simply in my endless source of good material, both from the past and present…

  22. Hi daisy,

    I’m linking to you. You’re a hoot. As an aside — I’m not defending your director, but there is a school of thought that 80% of direction is casting, and then getting out of the way. But the no-positive-feedback thing isn’t cool. One of the things they (some of them) talk about in acting school is how to become “director proof,” — that is, how to give the director what they’re asking and still cover one’s own arse. It’s a fine line. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading more of your dispatches!

  23. blaiser – welcome to the park! thanks for the kind words… will wander by your place when i have some free time (still digging out, post production). agree that there are benefits to a director who allows the cast to integrate their own bits into a show… but this one spends a lot of time NOT watching during rehearsals, allowing us to use the time to memorize our lines, learn our steps, etc. i prefer to do that on my own time, then use the precious rehearsal time to work interactions, responding to others, etc. Me? not an actress. a ‘performer’. big difference… there was a professional actress in our cast, and she was spectacular — managed to maintain neutrality through the drama, while not being aloof. brilliant, on stage and off…

  24. If you haven’t noticed, I love visiting your blog. You make me laugh and cry…It’s a morning ritual to read you. If I had half the writing ability as you I would get my blog up and running..

  25. hisqueen/becky – thank you so very much for your kind words! the writing really seems to help me organize my thoughts, and if there are things working on your head, you might try putting them on the virtual page again… the most amazing thing to me is that there are kind folks like you who find resonance, and take the time to comment. makes it more than just self-medicating!

  26. DaisieFae – thanks for sharing the park refugee xperience – I too midwest, middle age – reflectin on all that wasnt royal in the King Arthur Trailer Park in 198_somethin_, in Alabama.

    Anyone able to confirm that “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” is really playing Feb 10th in Platteville,WI?

    How bout a midwest gatherin to celebrate?

    Oh damn, my trailer park roots are showin…

  27. tony g – welcome back to the blogosphere! i’ll try to get around to updating my links this weekend, and will include your new digs!

    wackywisconsin – welcome, and thanks for stopping by and commenting! always good to find a fellow refugee… no idea about the show in Wisconsin, but you should try to see it! very, very funny stuff (i was in a local production last fall, and it was a well written show!) time for the miss clairol, sister…

  28. I had to come by and take a look at the person who so often has not only witty things to say on another blog i frequent, but someone who has the knack of hitting the nail on the head more often than not.
    Count me in as one of those who ducked in for a quick look and may just stay for a while to look around.
    Your insight and way with words is quite the experience and one I think I’m going to enjoy enormously.
    I’m a bit of an insomniac at times so don’t be too worried about the shadows late at night.
    It’s just me and my axe!

  29. anonymum – welcome to The Trailer Park, and thank you for stopping by! any friend of ~m’s is a friend here! like ~m, i’m kind of sorting my blog groove out – not really writing about the thing that got me writing (it’s just not bugging me as much these days, i think) – but it still feels good to do it, so for now? i’m still here… hope your visit to the states is wonderful — and you are gonna LOVE Cincinnati chili. or not. it may be an acquired taste. i grew up on it, and nothing makes me drool more than the scent of a cheese coney!

  30. I’ve actually made the chili, and love it, but I have no doubt ~m will do a much better job than a colonial…
    Last years trip was brilliant and I have no doubt this year will be the same {only 5 sleeps to go…excited much do you think???}

  31. Hi, daisyfae! Just read your comment on my blog and thought I’d drop by and say hello. Hope you’ll stay with me from time to time on my ongoing mission to become America’s favorite (or, at least, relatively-most-tolerated) curmudgeon. Have a great weekend there in the trailer park! Bilbo.

  32. Hi Daisyfae. Fell across your blog from another I have been reading! I absolutely love it.
    Witty, quick and spectacular writing. Ha I love it. Sorry for the overwhelming comment, I know I always come across as some form of weird one, …
    Anyway, just wanted to say, love the blog and the charm!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Ms. Blogject – appreciate your kind words. when i have a bit more time, i’ll have a wander over your way! Kinda cool that i can have a wander across the atlantic on my coffee break, isn’t it?

  33. Was great meeting you and I REALLY like your writing, you are a JAFA for sure 😉 look forward to popping back and reading more.

  34. Miss Daisy,

    Just a little question, to salve my curiosity, and perhaps to enable a lesson about social media.

    Does the comment at the top of this page mark the moment when you and the marvellous nursemyra first met?

    Like so many of you modern young people, you first connected online? Or does the sly mention of Penfolds mean that you met over a few liquid molecules rather than electrons of wit?

    Either way, it looks like you forged an awesome friendship, you virtual vixens!

  35. Howdy, HH! Good to see you here…

    It does indeed mark her discovery of my brand new blog (it was 3 days old). i’d been reading her for months (and falling madly in love with her). We did indeed meet this way…

    The “Penfolds” reference is to a person, not a drink — another blogger i’d discovered, who was/is ridiculously hot, and at that time, unattached. He has since found love (also via blog, by the way), and i cheer madly for him and his Atomic Dogmatic vixen!

    nursemyra and i first met in person when we decided to do something insane and meet up in Spain, during her annual holiday. Found ourselves to be grand travel mates, and have had two more adventures together…

    Proving? Well…. not sure what it proves. Perhaps that my entry into the blogosphere hs been something of more substance than the mental-emotional masturbation i anticipated…

    Happy New Year! i adore your writing!

    • Hi, George! Thanks for stopping by the Trailer Park. it’s not much, but it’s home… i’ll wander over your way again! stopped by last night and enjoyed what i found!

  36. Welcome to The Park, Anne — so glad you stopped by! Did a quick wander by your blog, and realized i’m going to need to spend some time wandering around there! Lovely photos!

  37. Woo hoo!

    I’ve been invited to the park! I’m moving my rusted out car with no tires into the front yard so I’ll fit in–whoops, that’s my house in KY (or was it in TN, or MS, or AL). Time to get me a jug of moonshine and settle on in to read.

    This is gonna be fun. Thanks for the invite Daisy.

    • Delighted you stopped by! Hope you are entertained and enlightened…. and don’t mind the dog in your lap, or the small arms fire that happens on holidays (such as the first day of NASCAR season).

  38. Hi! Do you still have the executive set? I’d be interested in buying it for a friend! Since you’ve probably used the packets, the tank and other tools with the box would be fine! Would you consider selling it?
    Also contactable at zernhon@yahoo.com.sg !

      • Hi Edgar — i’m pretty sure the executive set (box and all) has been given away to a thrift store somewhere along the way! would have been happy to give it to you if i still had it! there is one spot in the house where i may have stashed it — if i find it, i’ll send you an e-mail! would love for it to find a good home!

  39. Heh. I’m just looking at some old blog posts, from back in the day. Just read your comment about your blind friend and the D&D guy you did. Arf. Just thought I’d remind you. Bye!

    • So nice of you to stop by, Bete! Have to laugh at my 19 year old self… that was about the worst of it for me, i think. It’s not like i scammed people into believing i was a sad, sweet, disfigured man so i could write a book and profit from it! Cheers!

      • Oof! Have to laugh at my 39 year old self… that was about the worst of it for me, I think. But it was 90% true, even if it was all predicated on a lie. Great day to you.

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