Where in the world…

Got the sun on my shoulders and my toes in the sand…

Road trip.  Hadn’t realized how much the snow and cold was wearing on my cold, tired ass…  Until i spent an entire day soaking up sunshine and pacific ocean breezes.  A few more days and i’ll have sufficient vitamin D to tide me over…

Hanging out with my friend, Dr. H. Stankenstein, i also realized that it doesn’t take long before that ol’ mid-western blood thins out. 

Surf’s up. Duuuuude….

21 thoughts on “Where in the world…

  1. The Doc appears a bit shy, as opposed to your toes…which are blatantly standing out like 10 little drunken trollops (nice paint job, by the way). Grab some vitamin D for me, ‘kay? ‘kay.

  2. Possibly more than a few zzzzzz’s going on under the oul covers there methinks. And why are your delightful wee toes curling in ecstacy my dear?

    Not so much o-zone, more oh-my-god-don’t-stop, going on behind the camera lense. Good for you hen.

  3. I’ll admit it. I’m envious. A shot of sun and sand (and heat) would be absolutely great right at the moment (as I plan a Spring Break getaway to….Jasper.)

    Buzzkill time: How was the air travel to your exotic destination? Body scanners? TSA? Just how much did you have to endure for this wee bit ‘o paradise? Just askin’, is all.

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  5. unbearable banishment – oh, it’s sand. SiO2 mostly. and the orb? star. smallish in the grand scheme of things, but enough warmth to toast my pasty, dead fish white flesh momentarily…

    syncopated eyeball – that’s a maybe. will find some half-t in a beach shot, white. get it wet in the surf… and … well, never mind. i’m almost dead beyond middle aged. not a good look for me…

    tysdaddy – must be a different stankenstein. this one lives in the sunshine, but spent an interminable 3 years in the midwest…

    nursemyra – i’ll tell you anything you want, baby. just ask!

    gnukid – the toes are looking a little rough… sand will do that. sorry. sux, don’t it? will suck up some rays and bring ’em back.

    jimmy – just thinking that the breeze was a little too chilly, even though i was lapping it up. the toes? mine are monkey toes. i can pick up a dime from a carpet with them (another great bar trick, that has helped win free pints)… when they DO curl? enough to tear off a shirt. it’s a risk…

    savannah – not hawaii. but perhaps the one tiny stretch of US coastline that is not frigid at the moment…

    chris – very content. this is the front end of a business trip. sadly, i’m not even paying for it. work starts sunday night and goes through wednesday. when i will board a plane for a DIFFERENT sort of adventure. sometimes? it sucks to be me.

    rob – no problems whatsoever. some of that is knowing my home airport inside and out, and i dodged the amish couple in the TSA line and found the quick route. fell asleep before the plane pushed back, woke up upon landing in dallas, and was back asleep on the next flight. slept my way through about 2000 miles. woke up to sunshine and blue skies. amazing…

    DP – most likely to happen when i go boogie boarding this afternoon. good for me. sand, that is…

    squirrel queen – i’ll try to send some sunshine out your way. willing it to the middle states!

    tNb – oh. yeah. sister. it was very necessary. and quite unplanned. i love it when that happens….

  6. While at my yearly check up, my doctor told me I needed more vitamin D. She then proceeded to write me the following prescription,
    “Sunlight, preferably in Hawaii, daily x 6 months” permanent refill.

    So, I said ok, and am going on Friday. Sweet!

  7. manuel – as lovely as NYC “culture” can be? there is absolutely no substitute for sunshine, sand, stupid vegetation, and massive fucking off. do it.

    carlae – i love your doctor. this is good crack… it’s like the lights have been turned on in my soul, from nothing other than sunshine. i may have to make it a point to have at least ONE winter sojourn to warmth in the future. it rocks. enjoy your trip!

    hereinfranklin – by the time i get home to the midwest? it will almost be march. by then? there is promise of warmth, slightly longer days… i will get through winter. i’m doing this every year – whenever practical. and as cool as my current digs? it’s not as cool as argentina!

    syncopated eyeball – i have moments. sometimes i have the confidence, sometimes i don’t. this week? notsomuch. but the beach bodies in this part of the world are rather intimidating…

  8. I don’t know how it happened, but I lost your email, so I can’t reply directly to your comment. But I have to tell you that “dry rot” is one of my favorite phrases to describe what could happen to someone in the English language. When I was pregnant, I would constantly ask the obgyn if doing something in particular would “dry rot the baby”. He HATED when I said that. When Jake was born, I would ask the pediatrician if doing something in particular would “dry rot the baby”. She HATED that phrase.

    Now I’m back to being concerned whether or not I’m going to dry rot myself.

    And I’m supercaliexpiglad I have you around to tell me I’m not going to dry rot myself as long as I keep doing what I’m doing.

    Enjoy your break from it all.

  9. lora – it’s a state of mind. we are not necessarily destined for “red hat lady” status when we hit 50… i’m my own thing, just as you are. there are no roadmaps for this shit… and i choose to play. with wild and reckless abandon…

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