So. Very. Wrong.

But of course, “political correctness” means nothing in my world. Through the e-mail today, amidst a flurry of frantic management-level kabuki dancing over future budgets and whatnot, came a “Headline”* contest.  i’ll leave it as an exercise for the student to figure out topic du jour…

Dangling David Fires Last Salvo in Thailand Tie Up

Carradine Farwell: Final Gong, Hanging by Dong, Soooo Rong

David Carradine Fails to Snatch Pebble in Time

Grasshopper a Gasper

David Carradine Stars in Last Movie – “Spanking Monkey, Hanging Actor”

Chinese Rope Trick Does In Kung Fu Actor

Over Excited Actor Dies While “Raising” Quai Chang “Cane”…

Thai Coroner says: “Ack!” Is Not A Safe Word**

Grasshopper Dies from Asphyxia, Chicken Choking Suspected

And, in my opinion, the winner:

Actor Ass Fix Aided by Rope

Engineers are a bunch of twisted muthafuckahs...

Engineers are a bunch of twisted muthafuckahs...

* The Ninjaneer is the culprit.  For those of you playing along at home, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

** Perhaps my primary contribution to the evil darkness…

12 thoughts on “So. Very. Wrong.

  1. I would think that anyone dying of masturbation related issues would fall a bit too close to home for most engineers to risk making fun of.

  2. A Farker reported that his last words to his agent were that he was “going to Bangkok.” Over 700 replies in the thread and your group still managed to cover new ground. ;}


  3. uncle keith – define “masturbation related issues”? hanging, yes. electrocution, yes. but carpal wrist? emergency room object extraction? not likely fatal, right? my friends aren’t quite that adventurous…

    rob – i laugh at them first, with them second…

    paisley – they all had me chuckling inappropriately while i was sitting through a presentation… loves my blackberry!

    renalfailure – i think something exists already… but it must need to be made in ‘travel size’…

    mstng – *snort* or that lady commander Troi?

    imeantno – we are “farkworthy’. means a lot… and thx!

    jimmy – that’s a good fucking question!

    jenuine – HA! We have a winner! That’s the best i’ve heard!

    nursemyra – i’ll let the Ninjaneer know. that was one of his…

    silverstar – i do feel a gentle need to wash myself after this one. i must be a half-breed (half engineer, half human).

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