T-Shirt Friday – Breast Cancer Awareness

in keeping with the recent theme of “breast cancer awareness”, here’s my contribution to T-Shirt Friday, around a fun sliver of the blogopolis…  expect there will be a few folks playing along, including nursemyra, silverstar, sylvied and perhaps queen of breast support, olga the traveling bra!  Oh, and though technically not a t-shirt, the lovely dolce has popped a new twist to the game!

 Don't let cancer steal second base...

yesterday’s post has the message.  as for the shirt?  was getting my nails painted last week, and a salesman for “hair saloon” paraphenalia wandered in to deliver hair products and nail polish to the proprietors.  when he whipped out a stack of these, my friends there immediately called me over and said “you gotta have one of these…”.  Four brief nanoseconds later, the deal was sealed!

Still not winning any “Mother of the Year” awards, i snagged The Boy to snap this… it’ll come out in therapy one day…

15 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday – Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. hey daisyfae I got my son J to take this week’s photos. I figured being gay he wouldn’t find it too traumatic but somehow I think he’d rather have washed the dishes…..

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  3. did mine with the camera balanced in a kitchen cupboard… my teen simply refuses to get involved in my wacky blogging habits (chaperoning Olga was the final straw with her lol ) 🙂
    Great T-shirt btw

  4. Three times in the last week, I have bought Breast Cancer ribbons, and pinned them to my lapel with pride. And three times, they have been gone by the time I get home. I know, it’s all more money for the cause, but it bothers me how quickly they disappear – is someone plucking them from my coat while it hangs in the office?

  5. nm – we’re channeling each other again! i was just too tired to set up the Robopod to do the pic, and The Boy wandered by… he’ll get over it in therapy one day.

    70’s – Welcome to The Park! Kitchen cupboard is easier than my approach would have been… Sounds like your offspring is immune to your antics as mine are. i consider it a perpetual challenge – always upping the ante to keep them on their toes!

    Jenny – That’s cute! But i am always tempted to read it “TAY’-tas”… which makes it funnier!

    Miss – Glad you’re in the game! Maybe next month, you can find something with an Amish Freeway theme?

    alex – he draws the line at the corsetry, and in fact, i put the ‘warning’ break in just so he won’t accidently stumble onto a shot of his mother flashing her bits around the interweb.

    nm – when the kids have friends over, and if it comes up that i blog, i will ask the kids “c’mon. don’t your parents have blogs”. invariably they will say “no way”. and my reply: “If that’s what you need to believe, kiddo…”.

    cat – must be a fundraising conspiracy… i usually have them mysteriously show up on my desk, on the windshield of my car… friends pick them up and give them to me. or perhaps they’re really stealing them from you?

  6. dolce – as i much as i enjoy my breastages? if the cancer returns, i’ll be quick with the removal option. just meat when you really think about it, and i can live without them. live. yep. a no brainer.

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