A word from a broad…

One word? Magic.

Delightful company*, delicious adventures, and decadent relaxation.

Declared a ‘down day’ while staying with The Girl in Izmir, Turkey. This, after four days in Istanbul, three in Capadoccia, and a weekend by the sea in Bodrum.

Several epiphanies – large and small. Mostly enjoying spending time with the woman i birthed almost 27 years ago. Trying to figure out how i can be just like her when i grow up.

Not my photo...

* Studley has accompanied me on this trip, as The Boy is working. We have become “Turkish Toddlers, 2.0”, since The Girl has had to keep us from bickering, make sure we have enough beer, and keep us from walking out into traffic.

25 thoughts on “A word from a broad…

    • Absolutely! Tis how it should be! Often, we get bogged down in too much planning, or too much territory to cover. We had a fairly good list of things to do, but bagged much of that to make sure we didn’t wear out… although we have covered a good bit of turf, we haven’t given up napping!

      The spiders? Alas, we haven’t actually SEEN one yet. They tend to hang out when we’re in a group, though. Presence only detected by the short, unexpected “bark”, which sounds a lot like a human breaking a small amount of wind… (we can’t exactly blame the dog while on the road! πŸ˜‰ )

  1. This current adventure has been wonderful to watch through the pictures you’ve posted.

    Don’t “push it” with the girl. If you wear out your welcome, she might start pushing you out into traffic or taking you on an excursion to a demonstration and “lose” you there.

    • Glad you’re tracking and enjoying! i’m keeping it to just two pics per day to avoid really annoying my connections on the book of faces. It’s also to let my niece see where we are, so she can (in theory) share our progress with my mom.

      i absolutely do not wish to wear out this welcome. She’s a gracious guide, and host. We did push her limits a bit yesterday in the car, on the way back from the beach. Studley wouldn’t stay on his side of the car, so i had to slap him a few times… But once we started to behave again she let us stop for ice cream!

    • Give my regards to The Boyo! And safe travels for you, lovely lady! We really do feel like toddlers, as she has to translate for us, explain things to us, and remind us about cultural differences that could lead to trouble. It’s been fun… and will continue to be for another few days, methinks!

  2. That picture is stunning… and there’s no way you could have a daughter that old, what were you 14 or something when she was born? πŸ˜‰

    • thanks! you are kind. i shelled out The Girl when i was 24, so yeah…i’m old enough. That pic isn’t mine – i’m only using an iPad on the trip so uploading photos to wordpress has proven to be more effort than i’m capable of at the moment… will have a full travelogue when i’m back. and it is pretty fucking trippy landscape here….

  3. GF, where are the people pictures? How do we know you’re really hanging with Studley in a far-off land? Plus, with a name like Studley, it’s a rule that you share visuals. But okay, ASSUMING you’re telling the truth, so cool you get to see your daughter. I am just beginning to understand the depth of how brilliant my little grownups are. And they don’t hesitate to remind me at every opportunity.

    • people pics will happen – i’ve got tons of ’em. just can’t figure out how to upload them to wordpress from my ‘ancient’ iPad! Studley got his name from a fellow blogger (renal failure) suggestion. Full name “Studley McRocklegs”. it just sorta stuck!

      it is pretty good when you start to realize your kids are adult-functional, and would do absolutely fine if you were to disappear off the face of the earth. i consider it ‘mission accomplished’. now i can just play, hang out with them, and take up even riskier hobbies!

    • That photo isn’t mine — having issues uploading to WordPress from my iPad. But i stood in nearly the same spot, and i can assure you that the photos do not do the view justice. i managed to capture a short video from the balloon as we flew over the valley – but i’m not sure that really gets it either. Capadoccia is pretty remarkable…

      Learning from our offspring is a good thing. i suspect i have a few more things i could teach them, but after a certain age? Experience is going to do a much better job of it than i could. The hardest part is sitting on my hands and letting them do it their way!

  4. So funny that the roles are reversed and now YOU’RE the one who needs to be looked after! I hear that’s the natural progression. You’ll both remember this for the rest of your lives, although probably for different reasons.

    • We are definitely going to remember this trip! It’s been quite pleasant, as far as family vacations go. We’re all working hard to stay off each others nerves, and it’s working pretty well. Add her collection of friends to the mix – they are fun, smart, and delightful – and that provides additional buffer for all. We are not just immersed in our own company.

      She’s been good about keeping us in beer and ice cream. Her friends drive the car while we fart around in the back seat (“He’s TOUCHING MEEEEEE!”). It’s a good gig… only a few more days… Like everything, it’s only for now.

    • i’m not sure i’ve ever felt safer in a foreign country… sure, there’s a risk of pickpockets (as there is anywhere on earth), and stepping out in front of a car wouldn’t be too hard as they occasionally drive on the sidewalks. very little violent crime. our biggest risk remains heart attack from over-eating!

      there will be a decent collection of pictures at some point… will have to put it together after i’m back, but before our next trip in august!

    • i did better this time — didn’t start crying until i was on the flight to Munich. i miss my kid. i can’t imagine her ever living in the US again… bittersweet…

  5. Looking forward to your photos and anecdotes. I know only get a two day vacation a week instead of the full seven…stupid job gets in the way of my beach time.

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