Please Stand By

Please Stand By

Having successfully completed the “Shit My Daughter Needs” scavenger hunt, and the subsequent game of “Suitcase Tetris”, i’ve reached the phase of travel preparation where i touch my passport a thousand times, and make sure i’ve got a credit card.

Summer roadtrip, part deux.

Once again reminded that i am a very lucky woman… A woman who continues to wonder how she got here…  Best not to waste too much time on that, however, because i’m circling the drain at an ever-increasing speed.

It’s only for now…

26 thoughts on “Please Stand By

  1. Bon voyage. Happy landings. Save travels. The current military coup d’état in Egypt will NOT spread to where you’re going. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos. Will you have email and/or texting privileges?

    • 33 MILLION Egyptians have taken to the streets and called bullshit on their leader. Hard for me to call that a coup. Seems more like they’re kicking a squatter out of their presidential palace…

      Meanwhile, in Turkey? We may get there in time for the celebration! Hope there’s baklava!

  2. Just got back from our annual “how did we get so lucky” trip. Another conference in London with a bonus weekend in Belgium. Bon Voyage!

    • i haven’t been to Belgium – and am lusting for a trip to Brugges… pics, please? And what is this “conference” thing of which you speak? Grrrr…..

    • Nain Labrador? Had to look that up! Adventure indeed! We’re here, and rested, and ready to rumble! Although given the circumstances, perhaps not my best choice of words…

  3. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. And enjoy your balloon flight. I can’t remember – ballooning over Cappadoccia? Wherever – have heaps of fun. And tell us about it.
    Love the suitcase tetris. Very, very true.

    • We are ballooning over Cappadoccia – that’s later in the adventure. Right now? Drinking beer, rooftop cafe, and enjoying some delightful people-watching. Me? Watching Studley enjoy his first trip to Turkey! 🙂

  4. It’s OK, we are all circling the drain, some faster than others. Best to seize the moment and do whatever makes your heart happy, suits your body, and fits your pocketbook. Have a good trip.

    • Moment within my grasp! Very much enjoying sharing this with Studley! He’s a great travel buddy, as neither of us are “go, go, go, go” types. More like “go, beer, go, beer, nap, go…”

  5. Good grief! I missed the whole bon voyage party! Turkey? You’re going to Turkey. Never mind, I’ll just read backwards as usual. Have fun. Come home in one piece, please, anything else won’t do.

    • Yes, the party consisted of spending last weekend working as stage manager for a local music festival. Just us and several thousand close friends… My daughter lives in Izmir, and is joining us for a couple weeks of silliness and adventure! We’ll be back!

    • Glad you made it safely to London, and that you have a safe trip home! Studley sends his regards (and is at this moment singing “Dinah, is there anyone finah…”).

  6. Hmmm …. I only just got back from Cleveland,
    So NOT Turkey! lol
    *sigh* It’s on my places to see list …..
    I highly recommend Belgium (I have been there!) … they have amazing chocolate, pastries and yes, BEER!
    Enjoy your Studley, er … trip WITH Studley! 😉
    Oh, and pics please!

    • There are adventures to be had wherever you land, my dear! i had a perfectly wonderful time in Cleveland! And farting around at a local festival last weekend. And sitting around in my under crackers, surfing the internet while guzzling coffee… This happens to be one of my more long-range jaunts, and we are having a blast!

    • A grand way to celebrate! Now that you mention it, i haven’t seen ‘turkey’ here. My daughter informs me that it’s fairly rare, but called Hindi when it is served… fascinating stuff!

  7. Looking forward to hearing about your japes! Hope you’ve packed a hat. Europe’s having a bit of a heatwave at the moment. Warmest day of the year so far in the UK yesterday (29 C in Bournemouth).

    I found Istanbul a bit irritating to be honest–I needed to develop better techniques for not getting almost bodily dragged into carpet shops etc. Perhaps you can pass on a couple f tips for not getting hassled.

    • It is a bit toasty here! 40C when we arrived at the Kayseri airport, but i think that was a bit off… Didn’t feel a bit over 38C.

      Istanbul IS irritating, for that very reason. The constant gauntlet one must run through the restaurant and shop touts is frustrating and tiring. Especially when one wants to be polite when visiting foreign shores. My daughter is a bit jaded, and taught us to just ignore them, smile and say “thank you” or “good day”.

      There is a constant sense that you’re being ripped off when in the tourist areas, too. Very proud of my girl for calling bullshit on a taxi driver who had “accidentally” forgotten to turn on his meter. She made him pull over, gave him 5TL (about a quarter of what he intended to charge us), and we got out at the curb. i’ll write more about that when i have some time… But absolutely understand your feelings on the city. i adore the history, and drinking beer in cafes, and under bridges, and the like… but hate the tourist vibe.

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