When it’s time…

“I’m sorry. There really is nothing more we can do.”

“So this is it, eh? i guess i shouldn’t be surprised. We knew.  It’s inevitable.  Just didn’t think it would be this soon…”

“She’ll keep going for a while… probably through the end of summer.”

“That gives me time to prepare. To harvest the parts that might still be useful…”

So it goes. The ’95 Camry is ready to go into Automotive Hospice. Keep her hydrated, and comfortable. A couple more drives, in the steamy summer heat without operational air conditioning.

To repair the oil leak would require pulling the engine and transmission, and my highly reputable mechanic simply refused to do it… He’s been keeping my fleet of shitmobiles operational for 30 years. i trust him…

So long, friend.  You served The Boy well for three years.  Even with only three valves functioning, i was able to get two more years out of you.  We’ll pull the stereo system – including the sub-woofer in the trunk as big as my first apartment.  And i’ll run out that last full tank of gas*… 

Let’s enjoy these last few days…

* The stereo system is worth more than the car.  In fact, i think the tank of gas may be worth more than the car…

37 thoughts on “When it’s time…

  1. Ooh, ominous! I drive a ’99 Camry. A valiant horse whose shoes(shock absorbers) were changed last week. The mechanic asked when they’d last been changed. Never!

    • this one only went to 138,000 miles. should have lasted A LOT longer than that, but it was (i believe) a lemon, amongst a generally reliable make/model of car…. i hope yours goes further!

    • not likely… it’s highly likely that my daughter will be moving overseas, and once that happens, i’ll have her car. which only has 100,000 miles on it! just like new!

    • i’m going to miss this one. unlike the shitmobile convertible that i hated. when i sold it last summer? i was downright joyful to be rid of it…

    • already has a recipient. my son’s current ride — the Land Yacht he got from his grandpa when he stopped driving. White Buick LeSabre. NEEDS that sub-woofer…

  2. Such a sad post Daisyfae. 😦 I’m depressed beyond belief so in an effort to support you in your loss, I’m going out tonight to slug a few Singhas and think of you in your hour of need. Actually probably more than a few. I admire your priorities though, that subwoofer must stay with you forever. Can’t comment more, I’m crying my eyes out. 😦

    • Btw, love love the new header, for a moment there I thought i was on the wrong blog. I can’t say I wont miss the old one but this one is quite appropriate.

      • hopefully your sorrows are drowned in a swimming pool of Singha! i’ve gotten over it… we have a few more weeks… will enjoy them as best we can!

        it was time to freshen things up here… and the unbearable banishment sent the perfect photos, so there it was! it set itself up…

      • Yes, in fact i’m drowning in my own sorrows tonight as well.. and the f*ckin’ Sighas are letting me down.My Christopher has now been gone for 3 years and I am fucking pissed as hell!

    • When The Boy drove the car, there was a magnet on the back that said “This Ride has God Inside”, but it was stolen. So i’d have to say it lost religion along the way…

    • thanks, Tammy… surprisingly, the saga may not be over… my plan was to donate it to a charity, which would sell it as scrap. but since i hang out with theater people, a couple in genuine need of a car has appeared…. so long as they keep it in oil, it might go a ways… (sigh) extending life support?

  3. So sad to say goodbye to such a faithful steed. . .

    ” The stereo system is worth more than the car. In fact, i think the tank of gas may be worth more than the car…” brings to mind the local pick-up style where a person will gussy up a 25 year old rusted junker of a truck by putting shiny fancy wheels and really expensive tires on it. . . all of which would be worth far more than the vehicle

    • on the one hand, when the boy was driving this car 200 miles to school and back, parking in dicey neighborhoods, having a ‘stealthy’ stereo on it made sense. and i have certainly enjoyed blasting Mumford and Sons (which my son calls “abusing the subwoofer”) while cruising around in it…. it was a b-day gift to the boy when i bought it, and i’d like to get it back to him…

  4. Daise — in keeping with your snazz-tastic new bloggy design scheme, I’m thinking you dip into retirement monies and spring for a new Volt. Or maybe a Tesla.

    Hope you say a few words when you run the old lady out of petrol. You should, of course, tow a motorcycle behind, so that when the Camry turns up its tires, you can leave it by the side of the road, modern-art style, and ride off into the sunset.

    • Good to see you, Blaise! Have thought about something cute and punky like that, but when my daughter leaves the country in a couple weeks, i’ll have a civic. not cool in the same way as a Volt or a Tesla, but it has A/C, so that’s all the cool i’m gonna get!

      in breaking news? someone wants to buy it. yep. one of my theater connections needs wheels for under $500. was planning to just give it to charity, but instead? i’m going to give it to her… long may she run!

  5. after mine died i bussed it for a bit, our transit is not bad here and then got myself a diesel smart car, air con, heated seats, wicked stereo and over 70+ miles to the us gallon, laughed all the way to the bank

    • Welcome to The Park! that sounds like dream wheels! if i got a smart car? i’d paint it up like a Tonka Truck, and put a big ol’ key on the back!

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