Short sighted…

Monday morning staff meeting.  Division Chief* goes ‘around the room’ to get scores and highlights from the management team.  Fellow technical advisor, VK, is up…

VK:  I had a good interaction with a funding agent last week.  RJ asked for a short proposal on the self-slicing bread molecule** project.

Who is “RJ”?  Notoriously arrogant, and vertically challenged, man in a position of some authority…

DivChief Nozzle:  RJ?  What’s old RJ up to?

daisyfae [stage whisper]:  About 4′ 9″ last time i saw him… [slaps hand over mouth, too late for effective filtration]

image found here

* Not my beloved former Division Chief, but the new one – a condescending nano-manager, possessing NO sense of humor, and bearing a striking resemblance to a douche nozzle.

** Not a real project.  That i know of…

33 thoughts on “Short sighted…

    • i started this 3 1/2 years ago. seems time for an update. the unbearable banishment found that diner in NYC, got me some pics, and i wanted to use them as a header. might tweak a little more, but this is probably going to be the new look for another 3 1/2 years… or until i get tired of this and quit…

  1. I always got the comment , “Hey Carla, stand up.” Follwed by someone, somewhere would say, “She IS standing up.” But I gain my pleasure from the fact that I’m one of tall ones in my family.

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