A glimpse…

i’ve written quite a bit about life amidst science folk.  i talk about Geek Nation… And my conferencing.  The seemingly endless smorgasboard of research and scientific meetings i am subjected to attend.  To provide some enlightenment for those of you not of this community, i did something bad.  Something that guarantees my spot in a toasty alcove in Hell.  But i couldn’t help it…

At the nerd-extravaganza this week, i was pulled off into a side discussion with some of my own folks.  The never-ending and unresolved battle i’ve been in for several years to re-direct a substantial part of our research activities.  In fact, part of the reason i’ve accepted a position in another organization is that i’m simply tired of having the same conversation with the same people for at least the past six years.  They won.  i’m leaving….

For my parting shot, here’s a little cell phone photo, snapped during our side discussions – taken while i was trying to distract myself, and keep from shouting obscenities in a public hotel lobby.  That would be a very senior scientist wearing those man-pri’s.  The one that threw a tantrum a few months back.  Fortunately, i was wearing shades, or i’d still be suffering retinal burn from the whiteness of those legs…

At least his trousers were zipped.  This time...
At least his trousers were zipped. This time…

Yes.  i know i’m evil and Hell-bound.  But first, i’m leaving these bags of fossilized dinosaur turds behind me.  Not sure quite why i feel just a little guilty about this… These people are like family, and as such, a little abuse from time to time seems appropriate!  At least i didn’t take a photo of him tromping down the hallway to the men’s room, a daily happening at 0900, carrying his dog-eared copy of “Physics Today”.

17 thoughts on “A glimpse…

  1. aaahhhh that’s perfect! if there’s a spot in hell for those of us who mock the scientific wardrobe, they’re going to need a bigger place. i think that it’s not only normal, but completely justified, to make fun of senior scientists. that’s part of the territory.

    good for you for trying something new – you’ll get over the guilt once you settle into your new place!

  2. No GUILT!! You’ve sucked it up and schlepped it for The Man for long enough–getting out of a sitch that sucks is only your due at this point. Don’t let those fucking turkeys get you down!! They are lonely, scared science men, and they obsess over things cuz what they hell else do they have to do? (‘Course, what am I doing right now? Pretending to have a life. . . )

    Luv ya, gal!

  3. i find the paper in physics today a bit to rough on johnny o, whereas the proceedings of the national academy of sciences usa is like velvet on the scrunchy fella. Hey, no guilt, though it is a bit kinky taking piccies of mens legs like that… anyway good luck in the new position, I hope it helps you find more time on your back with your legs behind your ears with quality candidates. bbx

  4. Yippee! On to bigger and better pastures (or alcoves)! A change is MUCH better than a rest — great to hear you’re trying something new! Cracking open the bubbly …

  5. daisymae – i like to think i abuse them with kindness. afterall, i’ve never thrown a pen at this one. nor have i attempted to put out cigarettes in his eyes… that’s taken some restraint…

    stephanie – the new job involves MANY young engineers, and i get so much energy from the ‘young ‘uns’ that i’m sure it will feel a little better. at least for a few years… all those young minds to corrupt!

    silverstar – looking forward to new digs, new people and a fresh start… there is something exhilarating about a clean desk! fresh, shiny and full of possibilities. not entirely unlike those fishbelly white legs, i suppose…

    empress – the turkeys won. at least this round. but my parting shot – a final briefing to leadership next tuesday – will be my final attempt to hit ’em with a zombie shotgun blast to the head. it’s what’s right for the organization, right for the customer. let’s hope i’ve got good aim and enough ammo…

    DP – there was a time, as a young intern, where i kinda had a weak crush on the pasty-white dude. i have a tendency to be attracted to very smart men… but i got over it. the first time he threw a tantrum in the lab. nearly decapitated a co-worker with a flying 8″ floppy disc, hurled across the lab in anger. not. attractive.

    nursemyra – details in the inbox soon. it’s all good. been planning to scoot for awhile, just had to find the mechanism and opportunity. if the bureaucracy intervenes, i’ve got a back up plan. ain’t going back!

    Bb – yes, fresh start. new faces (and other parts) are likely to cross my path. but alas, they’re still geeks and hard core nerd-folk. i’m likely to keep scouting on the outside!

    tNb – it will feel good! 90 day assignment that is geared to turn into something permanent. making tracks toward where i want to be – just sloooooooowly! thanks for cheering!

  6. Cool, I hope your new job rocks! I admire your bravery, striking out into unfamiliar territory. But … NEW MEN!
    I’m the only nerd/geek in my company so if the sock-and-leg show happens, it’s all about me. I’m pretty sure I’ve had that look going myself, only with lady shoes. Ewwwww. No, really.

  7. squirrel queen – oh, rafael… he’d even look good in the hush puppies, i think… new men? maybe. still hanging with geek nation!

    beth – i’ve got no problem with being practical and comfortable in the office (i wear jeans whenever i can get away with it). but this guy sat through a high level meeting a few weeks ago showing off his elbows. his shirt was worn clean through – not appropriate for a single man, who makes at least $150k/year….

  8. i am having second thoughts about the capri pants i was thinking of purchasing. then again, i wouldn’t attend conferences wearing them. everyone hear wears their pants slung so low that you can see cracks busting out everywhere. we refer to the UK as buttcrack nation but i think the issue is a bit more pandemic than that… be thankful your man-pri friend (presumably) wears a belt.

  9. newscoma – my world. strange. beautiful. a fashion nightmare. i can live with the poor wardrobe choices. it’s the belligerent and oblivious resistance to MOVING INTO THE 21st CENTURY within a research organization devoted to challenging the state of the art that makes my head squirt brain molecules from my facial orifices….

    ninjaneer – yeah. follow me across the street. they have donuts there….

    dave – hairy ass crack. Arrrrrgh…. that’d be enough to have me cutting myself with letter openers… yes. a belt. i might well thank him on monday morning….

  10. See this is why I am grateful I only work with women (save for the occasional male who ventures in twice a month). I couldn’t take the man-pris. Do you think your man-pri donner shaved his legs? Cuz they look so white and . . . smoooooth.

    You will be so happy in a new place with new nerds to tell us about. Good luck. When do you start?

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