A few random neural firings as i recover return from 2 weeks away from home…

– After three fabulous days sailing, hiking and snorkeling the Galapagos, i had a built in “decompression” stop with my sister, T, in Miami.  It helped.  Had a chance to rest, reflect and relax before getting home and doing the mad dance to clear office e-mail, go through bills, retrieve the mutt, etc.  Need to consider building in such a day for future trips…

– Poked through ~300 work e-mail messages last night.  Walked into a frantic “30% budget cut” activity at 0730.  Found it very difficult to give a rats ass about the budget.  i was the senior staffer humming a little tune to myself while others pulled out hair by the roots, gnashed teeth and raged against the injustice of it all… Vacations rock. Fully.

– Lowered or non-existent expectations may hold the key to happiness.  Due to circumstance, i had virtually no time to prepare for this holiday.  Didn’t read the books i’d purchased to learn about the places to be visited.  Didn’t even look at my flippin’ itinerary until i got there!  The entire trip was one delightful and unexpected event after another!  i may never buy another Lonely Planet guide again!

– Picked up my dog from The Park yesterday afternoon.  Brought a friend along for company.  Mr. P had a great time – and there’s enough material for several future posts.  My friend was a bit blown away by The Trailer Park Experience*.  He knows the stories, has heard my tales of woe and glee.  And yet was still a bit taken aback to see it all play out.  Bottom line:  i don’t write fiction, folks… i truly could not make this shit up.

– i am a karaoke whore.  i cannot deny it.  looking for a 12-step program as i type…  intervention may be in order.

– If you’re gone from the office for more than a week, it’s highly probable that you’re going to forget a few passwords, entry codes, etc.  Thank god i violate policy and write them down in my blackberry…

– Nope.  Despite my specific instruction to them prior to my departure, those fucking boxes DID NOT unpack themselves in my absence.

– The difference between a “good” vacation and a “great” vacation is the company you keep.  This one was beyond “great” – due to the friends i was traveling with, as well as the new friends i met along the way!  DR and MA — you are some seriously wonderful dudes!  Hope we can swing a return trip one of these days!  An adventure is wonderful, but an adventure shared?  Sheer joy!

More travel nuggets later after i dig out a bit… i’m a lucky, lucky puppy…


* i’m still in negotiations with Universal Studios about the rights to the thrill ride.  They balked at getting the banjo-kid from “Deliverance” as the tour host…

12 thoughts on “Re-entry

  1. Welcome back! Glad you really enjoyed the trip. It is kind of sad when these times have to end, isn’t it? I think that, deep down, we humans really are more designed to be on permanent vacation.

  2. welcome back, daisyfae. what? you still had neurons left to fire? still, there are enough deep and necessary observations in there to keep even Andy Rooney wondering “…didja ever think about…?” until next month. bet Mr. P. is glad to have mom home…

  3. Welcome back. You were missed. Even by us. (We know Mr. Pickles missed you. Well, a little bit anyway.) Sorry about the boxes. The ones I’m supposed to be packing haven’t done themselves either.

  4. unbearable banishment – back to eating subway and drinking a dozen cans of diet coke every day! he is surprisingly happy to be home… and won’t leave my feet!

    annie – good to be home, but i’m so far behind on so many things, i’m feeling the stress creep back! hope to catch up on the blog reading this weekend!

    rob – i think there’s something to that ‘permanent vacation’ idea… when i was younger, with little kids, so much of my vacation time was spent with extended family visits, and my ex liked camping in solitude as his vacations, so adventure travel was something that i did with the kids once a year when they got older. my plan? once a quarter i’m going somewhere… long weekend or more, i’m gettin’ outta dodge! life’s short… i have miles to go before i sleep.

    awalkabout – nope. no “tact” left… just like when i left… 🙂

    gnu – a few brain cells, but my liver is in detox at the Betty Ford Clinic for a few more days. it was shipboard festivities that did ‘er in…

    silverstar – Thanks! And the mutt was glad to see me… but was too busy beggin for pizza to pay too much attention when i went to get him! Yeah – we need to invent self-packing/un-packing boxes. There’s money in that!

    nm – will get caught up on the blog reads soon! while i found no good baby alpaca lingerie, i DID get a fun t-shirt for the next t-shirt friday! woo hoo!

    kyknoord – i cannot confirm nor deny any connection to market forces. but there were a lot of things that DIDN’T happen while i was gone too. So there. i run rings around your logic!

    dolce – yep, it was the local folks who gave us the best leads… our last dinner out in ecuador (group of 12) was beyond spectacular! the food, the company, the drink… and the bill (about $300 for 12 people – with drinks!)

    tNb – The “shared adventure’ bit reminds me of the final scene in “Into the Wild”… “happiness must be shared”. And the fact that i stumbled into it, with one friend (i’ve known LP for 30 years) and a group of total strangers? Woo hoo! Regarding the karaoke, however… how many women do you know that will do Elvis AND Neil Young? Had the ships photog playing along on harmonica on “Heart of Gold”… ok. you had to be there….

    uncle keith – So long as you host the tour as Renfield, i’m in! i’d pay big bucks for that tour!

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