A cosmic riddle*…

There are two thirty-five year old men.  Nearly identical in size and weight – with similar coloring and features.  They are half a world apart…

Somewhere in Asia, one of the men is walking on a tightrope, suspended between two high-rise buildings.  He has no net.

The other is in North America.  He is receiving the gift of oral sex from an elderly woman, with perhaps two of her teeth remaining.

At this precise moment in time, they are having exactly the same thought

What is it?  Take your best guess in the comment section, and i’ll post the answer here in about 24 hours from now…  Breathe.  Think.  Transform yourself… you are the man on the tightrope.  You are the man being pleasured…

And if you are stumped, consolation points for wagering on who amongst the regular commentators will be first with the correct answer!


Ch-CHING!  Silverstar was the first to nail it (heh, heh, heh…. “nail it…”), but gotta give some serious bonus points to Eastcoastcarol – truly a “glass half full” point of view to the same challenge! 


* Have i mentioned that i’m just beyond swamped?  The calendar challenge that i’ve thrust upon myself is pretty silly… i’m rapidly approaching the giggle point…  My house is a disaster area – between packing and preparing my possessions to be dumped on the lawn and sold.  And there is now a realtors “lock box” on my door, which means my house is listed, and may be shown to potential tenants.  Joy.  i’m just trying to keep my poo-poo undies off the floor at this point…  But… if the planets align, i will be settling into the new place, with inbound renters by the beginning of September. 

16 thoughts on “A cosmic riddle*…

  1. Well, if “Don’t look down” isn’t the answer, it should be.

    Geeze, I just couldn’t think that fast. And I couldn’t transform myself, either. I don’t know how to walk on a tightrope and because I’ve been married for 9 years, I don’t recall what oral sex is, either.

  2. At the risk of being repetitive, it must be “don’t look down …”

    ps: keep going, the reward at the end of your no-such-thing-as-silly-calendar-challenge is so worth it! 🙂

  3. eastcoastcarol – Brilliant! a positive spin! Be sure to smack your roommate in the head for me… 🙂

    silverstar – Ta DAAAA! Congrats! Umm… prizes? Wanna come over and help finish painting the deck?

    unbearable banishment – hey, aren’t you a theater afficionado? “BE the tightrope!”

    rob – must be a guy thing?

    annie – tee hee! love it! a strong finish!

    tNb – (sigh) daily progress. house is now almost ready to show, garage is full of 20 years of life-schtuff, and the deck is partially painted (my work crew was asleep in the backyard at 6 am…. they were still working at 2 am, God love their little beer-swillin’ souls!

    DP – Fascinating… Tell us more about your gas. Sometimes a banana is just a banana….

    kyknoord – Ewwww…. just “Ewwwww…..”

    vapour – Ah! The male equivalent of us sorting our taxes, filing a mental grocery list, or deciding what color to paint the ceiling…

    nm – Mr. B: Take nursemyra’s advice. You’ll be really glad you did!

    tina – Welcome to The Park! i would say this is not a “normal” post, but in fact, i’m not sure what one is these days! Thanks for playing along!

    dolce – no, wasn’t that what granny was saying?

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