Global, local… and really local…

As a newcomer to the blogosphere, i’ve been sucked into the breach in the time-space continuum known as ‘surfing’, and cannot account for several hours each day.  I’m doing better with this, but still have to track my time carefully…

A good friend* tipped me off that there may be medical reasons to pay attention to the clock.  I encourage all of you to listen and heed.  Especially for you blogger-gents out there.

And DaddyP?  Please tell us that you don’t use a laptop….  Oh, and for the love of all that is merciful, pleeeeeeeze refrain from sending photos if you do…


*a brilliant, clever and exquisitely funny friend who should just get on with the blogging already!  i will continue to swipe your juicy morsels** until you come out here to play…

** absolutely a euphemism….


16 thoughts on “Global, local… and really local…

  1. kn – well, i’m certain they looked better on you. i suppose she can no longer wear miniskirts…

    DP – ‘root around’? is there hidden meaning there? didn’t we go through this over at The Gimcrack?

  2. cat – i sit in a quilted rocking chair, in my living room – work laptop on my left, personal laptop on my right. brown dog snoring on the sofa. ok on my back, not good for the upholstery on the sofa.

    toby – it’s ‘stalker-ific’! very amusing – and it reminds me to watch what i say in public…

  3. Isn’t that a bit, ah, paranoid, daisyfae?

    I mean, all of the conversations are anonymous. That’s why it’s so funny, because the writer/listener describes personalities and not the persons.

    That’s my take on it, anyway.

    Aw, Hell! I know I’m a twisted fuck.

  4. Haha. I think all guys should shave their nuts regardless how hot their laptops get. Anyway, they should all ready have some sort of fan for ball sacks while blogging with laptops. They really do stink. And you probably already know how I know this.

  5. toby – perhaps. type a little louder… big bro missed that last bit…

    uw – my aesthetician (chicka who handles the wax) says that she does remarkable business waxing scrotal areas. i was stunned… that’s GOTTA hurt…

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