Run, colon, run!



I have become a slug-sicle.  Seeing brain-damaged dedicated runners out in freezing rain, snow, fog and ice was initially inspirational.  It became annoying. 

Until i got on the scale this morning {music of doom here}

There were signs that i had done a bit of backsliding.  In the shower last week i felt something on the back of my thigh.  It was my ass….

Time to pound some pavement.

As of this week, i am signed up for a 5k run to benefit colorectal cancer research.  I’m not sure what the offical name is, but it shall henceforth be called the Colon Run.  I started re-training yesterday – indoors, but it’s a start. 

The event is scheduled for 29 March, giving me sufficient time to avoid public humiliation injury.  After just two nights of light cardio, i find myself looking forward to the first ice-free saturday morning… it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.  i need fresh air… and i need to get my rear in gear.

18 thoughts on “Run, colon, run!

  1. In Spanish Christopher Columbus tranlates into Cristóbal Colón so it is often amusing for English speaking visitors to see such signs as Hotel Colón, Bar Colón, Colón Street, etc. Though my favourite bar sign in Sevilla is Bar Carrión.

    Well done, girlfriend! Isn’t it great to get that burst of energy feeling after a good workout?

  2. I’ve just come home for seeing margaret cho performing. her support act was a transgendered comedian called Ian who had us all in stitches saying the percentage of gay men that get prostate cancer is way less than hetero men. another good reason to be taking it up the ass….. 🙂

  3. Oops, that was a semi-colon above. But you know what I meant.

    I can only speed walk 4 miles at 3.9 miles per hour. It’s almost suicide as it is. I couldn’t run for my own ass, let alone to bring awareness to other asses.

  4. kn – i really can’t wait to see the logo design on the t-shirt. and if i were designing the course? i’d make sure it was colon-shaped.

    az – Viva le Colón! No bursting energy yet. Usually enough to allow me to drag my whimpering, sweaty ass up the stairs to bed…

    nm – well known fact that an enthusiastically exercised prostate stays healthy! prostate massage might be a good topic for you one of these days!

    uncle keith – best to stay away from the naked junior celeb t-shirts idea, then…

    uw – walking 3.9 mph is a good clip! walking is much better on the body than the slogging thing that i do… i’m just impatient. burn as many calories walking a mile as you do running one – it just takes longer!

  5. How many calories is that – do you know? Just wondering because it’s always really depressing to see how few calories I’ve burned after doing 10kms on the dreaded exercise bike at the gym.

  6. az – to get the ‘scientific’ answer, you need to estimate percentage body fat, weight and gender (usually can be pretty specific on that last one). a rough estimate is 100 cal/mile. if you run (slowly, the way i do) you can cover 6 miles / hour, walking fast is about 4 miles/hour… the ‘machine’ estimates are more accurate if you put in weight, gender… but in general, i try not to waste time i would spend ‘moving’ on calculations – that doesn’t burn as much of my ass lard…

  7. good luck training — nice to have a concrete goal. every race i’ve done, i wonder why i don’t do them every week… and then a year goes by. your area is great for racing, tho — very active community for biking, running, and multisport. few races here — a lot in bay area to make a day of it, tho

  8. awalkabout – i’m kinda spastic that way 🙂

    tyrus – considering training for the mini-tri held in july. just finishing would be a worthy goal for me… haven’t been in the pool in a couple years… training in open water? could be a challenge!

  9. A long time ago, in another life, I would do around 12 miles in an hour (yep – I was good back then). Now, waiting for that final siren, I struggle to run at all. So I have been doing the lifestyle diet thing and have managed to lose, very carelessly, over 10 Kilos in the past couple of months. If I can lose a further ten kilos perhaps I can put off that final siren for a few years longer.

    My main exercise now is the walking machine and my canoe – providing the breeze isn’t gale force and the sharks are looking the other way. Oh, and rants are always in order!

  10. archie – 10 kilos is terrific! (ciphering madly in my head to translate to lbs…). for me, the motivation isn’t just delaying the final siren, but being able to do the things i want to do unitl the bell rings! at my prior weight, i resembled a manatee when wearing the wetsuit!

  11. uw – i’ve been good this week, doing cardio every night just to get back in the habit. now, if i could keep from inhaling the damn girl scout cookies before bed every night, i’d be making progress!

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