You can go home again…

The Boy is home for a couple of weeks. We are awaiting the arrival of The Girl tonight. They haven’t seen each other in about two years, so it’s good that the schedules for their holidays partially aligned, and they will spend a few days together under my roof.

The first few days with The Boy have been entertaining. A few snippets from his return.


Fortunately my fleet is now operational. There will be a full week with both spawn under roof, and they will likely both want to go in different directions. i also have a pesky day job, and will need to be somewhere else. We had to craft a plan of attack for vehicular assignments…

daisyfae: The Girl hasn’t driven a car in two years. She’s going to have the Civic. That was her car, she’s comfortable driving it, and probably the safest option. i’m going to have to get you checked out on the Jeep.

The Boy: I could just drive the Jag.

daisyfae: Ummm…. No. Let’s get you checked out on the Jeep. You’ll have to be gentle – new transmission isn’t really broken in yet.

So i took him out in the neighborhood for a practice run. He knows how to drive a standard transmission, but it’s not the same as driving the Jeep. Sure, he’s now qualified to drive a variety of military vehicles, HMMVs, troop carriers and the like…. But not my Jeep.

He hopped in, as excited as the day he got to drive the lawn tractor for the first time. For the first time? i got in the right seat. No one else drives my Jeep. Just hasn’t happened. A few scoots around the neighborhood, and some test runs in the cemetery to practice stops, tight turns, and hills. He chirped the tires, damn near ran us into a maintenance shed, but got the hang of it pretty quickly. i turned him loose. He was ready to solo.

i was a fucking wreck after he tooled down the street – off to the skate park to play skateboards.

Going on about my business, i went on with my plans for the evening. Happy to see the Jeep safely home when i returned. Checked in with him the next morning…

The Boy: It was really fun, but that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to drive.

daisyfae: You can do it, but just be careful. You know how i feel about that one…

The Boy: Yeah, it was a helluva lot easier to drive after you got out.


This morning, we were sorting logistics for retrieving The Girl from the airport.

The Boy: I figure we can pick her up in the Jag, no?

daisyfae: No. She’ll have luggage, and probably want the front seat, which means you get shoe-horned in the back.

The Boy: Whatever. I’m good with any means of transportation.

daisyfae: No smoking in the Jag, either.

The Boy: Obviously! I’m not dumb!

daisyfae: Just making sure. You have always had a bit of ‘law scholar’ in you – and if not expressly prohibited…

The Boy: I do have a degree in Drunkard Pro Se Law from the University of Phoenix.

together we win

He is physically fit – working out is a critical part of his job. He was pretty solid when i saw him at his graduation in March, but he’s stronger now. When Studley showed up at my place to say ‘hello’…

The Boy: My boobs are pecs now! Want to feel them?

Studley: No, not really. I prefer boobs to pecs, but thanks anyway.

19 thoughts on “You can go home again…

  1. Best line ever….

    Sure, he’s now qualified to drive a variety of military vehicles, HMMVs, troop carriers and the like…. But not my Jeep.

    And, I think we know how it plays out with spouses, too.

    Seconds after I scuffed the wheels of my weeks old car against a curb, SWMBO said, “I’m sure glad that I didn’t do that.”

    “Yeah, me too.”

    • Upon learning that the transmission had died a couple weeks prior to his return, we were both relieved that it happened with me behind the wheel. Once back from the shop, i made sure to take it out for a couple of days before his check ride…


  2. Only the very lucky few can go home again – and want to.
    And your spawn fall firmly into that elite group. After my escape I would have preferred root canal surgery while having a pap smear to a return to the nest…
    Have a mountain of fun. Which you will. And I am chortling at a lot of this post – particularly the pecs versus boobs argument.

    • i believe they are both happy to come home – and equally happy to have launched themselves onto their own paths! we will certainly annoy each other at times, and they will bicker and snark a bit, but it’s good to be together – because it’s so rarely an option!

      and never mind the fact that the ol’ momma has a pretty active life of her own – such that i am not dependent upon my adult children to ‘complete’ my own existence. i think they really appreciate that…

      like you, when i left home at 18, it was my intention to never return. not so much because i despised my parents, but because i saw the other siblings bouncing back repeatedly, and wanted to give my parents a break…

  3. Families….may be fragmented, may be fixed,may be fucked-up.But when you are part of the kind that slots together like an old jig-saw it must be one of the best feelings, yes? Will The Boy get to scratch that Jag itch?

    • The Girl arrived at midnight, and it was definitely like some well-worn puzzle pieces latched together as we rode home together in the wee hours of the morning! An appropriate analogy for this tribe, i think…

      Yes, he’ll get to drive it. i’m far less concerned about who drives that one… Only joining the fleet in January, she is the ‘new kid’. My concern with that one is that he will become a bit overcome with power, and wrap himself around a tree!

    • Had a lovely first day… The Girl had assumed (correctly) that i haven’t been to the grocery in several months, so the two of them made a field trip today while i was at work. If you see a sudden spike in the price of beer, please feel free to blame my children for the shortage…

  4. If he’s old enough to defend our country, he’s old enough to drive your Jag. Relent.

    Take lots of pics when she arrives. Who know when they’ll be in the same room again? Glad he’s well. That was a brilliant move on his part, methinks.

    • She had been traveling for 40 hours when she first walked toward the car – i thought better of snapping her picture (she was pretty tired and would have probably launched my phone underneath an airport parking lot shuttle bus).

      We enjoyed a quiet dinner of take-out Thai, and caught up on some DVR’d tv last night. And they are BOTH caught up on sleep, i think. Me? Not so much… after the airport run, and yakking until 0200, i still had to get up at 0600 for work… i can sleep when i’m dead…

  5. Sounds like the boy is alright… and you’re right, you can sleep when you’re dead, i often wonder what it’ll be like when the boyos are grown men and out doing their thing, if i was a religious sort i’d pray to Jah that they don’t turn out like their old man, fucking years of sleepless nights, brilliant that the spawn are home together… and Exile’s right, take a lot of photos, never know when it will happen again.

    • The Boy is alright. As you know, four years ago, i wasn’t sure we’d get here… “keep him alive til he’s 25” was my mantra. At 25 1/2, he’s level. Well, except for that whole ‘deployment’ thing that looms….

      Your boyos are goin to be ok. They’ll drive you crazy, and test your limits, and keep you awake at night, but you’ll get to the other side. My guess is that they’ll find different paths to torture you… kids will rebel no matter what! Maybe they’ll be conservative, right-wing buttheads?

      No pictures yet, after a week with my kids. Been too busy enjoying the moments. Will be going to see Mom today in the hospital. Yeah, i’m gonna snap a few shots there, i think…

  6. Deployment…. a word that holds horrors for me. Jesse was already talking about his next deployment which looms all too soon.

    Enjoy your children. sounds like they are both top notch people.

    • i have the curse of knowledge and familiarity. i am almost as terrified of the word ‘training exercise’ as i am ‘deployment’. but spouses, parents, and children have dealt with this since mankind first organized and picked up a spear against other humans… so i’m in fine company.

      have really enjoyed the time with my children. there’s that ‘it’s only for now’ thing that makes it feel as though time is simultaneously flying by, while standing still… weird.

      • I’ve never sent my children on a “training exercise” or “deployment”, but I have had to select and then send young men and women to “You-Pick-a-Stan.” I know how difficult that was.

        I probably won’t even have to imagine sending my offspring away in uniform. They followed me to 6 different places we called home in their first 18 years of life. I’ll give them credit for serving in that way. I expect they will serve their nation and communities in some ways, but I will be very surprised if they choose to serve in uniforms.

        • a weighty burden to make that call… you were a solid chief, and i have no doubt wrangled with those tough calls…

          didn’t expect that either of mine would follow a military path either – but The Boy surprised me. The Girl is serving in her own way as well – being a good ambassador, and doing her part to make the world a little bit flatter (and kinder). i’m good with that kind of contribution, too!

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