Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Much to my complete and total amazement, i got some serious ‘linky love’ today.  While sitting in a hotel room in Cornhole, USA, wearing not much other than boxer shorts and attempting to scratch myself into consciousness while booting up the laptop, it was brought to my attention by the suave, debonair* and digitally astute kyknoord.

It seems that my recent post, Pimp-in-Training,** was featured on the WordPress Dashboard.

i had to look at it three times before i noticed where it had been categorized***:

Holy Crap.  That’s funny… Who said the folks at WordPress don’t have a sense of humor?


* Pronounced “soo-AH-vey and de-BOH-ner”.  At least that’s how we pronounce it here in The Park.

** How about that!  An opportunity for me to exploit my son, in a perverse form of reverse-pimpage, finding a means where i can personally benefit. 

*** In case you can’t read it, that would be filed under “Business”

12 thoughts on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light

  1. “Not much other than boxer shorts”…it’s a good thing I didn’t read that at work. If I have to call the service techs one more time for having a sticky keyboard, there will be Hell to pay.

  2. I donno, I’m pretty keen to find out how to implode a tanker car in under a second…I’ve got these neighbours you see….

    And Dais, you gonna still hang out with us undashboard types, now that you’ve passed over into the wordpress hall of fame?

  3. ~m – i do not recall if i have ever ‘pimped for profit’.

    uncle keith – man, you really do need to get out more. they are “Grinch” boxers. not particularly sexy, they fit nicely in a backpack for efficient travel…

    archie – lime green, with The Grinch on the front. wow. i’ve apparently been wasting way too much money on “girl hardware”. The tag that probably got the attention: “Pimping”…

    kyknoord – *snort*… he said “boner…”

    dolceii – i liked that one too, but due to my limited time before meetings was pretty much hosed at rooting around. i’m really stumped about this dashboard thing – it was deja vu all over again this morning with another e-mail from kyknoord saying i’ve been flagged for a second day in a row… oh, the pressure… it won’t go to my head – other than to keep me very confused…

  4. wanderer – doubt there will be a three-fer… i’m pretty stumped by all of this linky love. there’s a lot better content out there. must be some guy at wordpress who likes middle aged, lumpy women…

    Mrs. B – there will be flamethrowers. i have very little patience.

    az – better yet. i’ll ship the Orville in advance. this is odd… i’m just self-medicating out here. this ‘attention’ thing is just confusing me.

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