Breaking News: Stupidity Outbreak at Atlanta Airport

From the “I could not make this shit up files”:

Killing time during a 3 hour layover at the Atlanta airport.  The drunken yabs sillier folks from the SCUBA posse have encamped in the Samuel Adams brewpubbery on Concourse C. 

While continuing our ridiculous alcohol abuse having a relaxing dinner, i was coveting the pub table near the electrical outlet.  As soon as the gentlemen at the table left, i scooted in that direction and plugged in both my cell phone and the power cord on the laptop.

Within a minute of settling in, i was approached by a management-like-object.  i was informed that i could not use the two outlets.  The policy of the establishment was to block off the outlets to prevent transmission of viruses into their system.

Drunk Confused, i repeated her statement back to her – loud enough that my compatriots (and half the people in the bar) could hear:  “Let me make sure i understand this, you don’t let people use this electrical outlet to make sure that you don’t get viruses downloaded into your system?”

She affirmed that this was indeed the case. 

Many astonished glances from the folks nearby… and with a straight face i unplugged both electrical cords. 

Fuck swine flu, folks.  We have bigger problems in the ol’ United States of America…