Excuse me?

On my way to the gym at lunch time, i ran into Les. He and i have worked together for about ten years, and he is currently running the other branch in my part of the office building. We frequently commiserate over the pain and suffering of being supervisors.

We’ve always had a very healthy, collegial working relationship. Professional.  Friendly, without being especially social outside the workplace.  We were joking about the latest office gossip.  i marked my whereabouts on the sign-out board as he headed down the hallway to his meeting.

Stopping about halfway down the hall, he turned back to me and said “By the way, are you still fucking your ex?”

i froze in my tracks, astonished. “Excuse me, what did you just say?”

“Are you still fucking your ex?”

Again, i was slack-jawed. In utter shock!  My secretary, Janice, was watching the exchange and i briefly wondered if she was going to be a star witness in my future manslaughter trial…

Bewildered and stunned, i walked a few steps closer to him and said “i’m sorry… i still couldn’t hear you. What was that again?”

“Are you still offering up your axe? The guitar?”

Late last week, Les had asked my advice on buying a nice, used guitar so he could refresh his skills. i’d offered him one from my collection as a loaner instead.

And had completely forgotten….

“OH! THAT! Yes. YES! No problem! i’ll bring it in tomorrow…”

“Yeah… I need to convince my wife I’m serious about this before an outlay of discretionary income!”

And he was on his way…

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