Butt Probe at the Canadian Border?

After a summer of slaving away in the kitchen at a poorly run family pizza parlor, The Boy took off Saturday for a short adventure in Canada.  Tent, sleeping bag, cooler, passport and his iPodand that’s about it…  A few days “into the wild” on his own before starting another year of college.

Researching border crossing issues, he was pissed off to find that upon returning ot the US, the border patrol could – should they happen to feel like it – confiscate his laptop, copy contents, and generally do whatever they wanted with the laptop.  Without probable cause.*

So he took my cheap, but wicked cool, Asus EeePC – which has nothing on the hard drive that we’d miss, and can be replaced for less than $500 if necessary.

i’d asked him to let me know when he got settled in for the night.  Got the following text message around 1 AM:

Made it.  Wouldn’t you know i got searched at the fucking border.  Took an hour.

Knowing he was probably profiled – young man, traveling alone.  Long hair, bandana.  Tattoo.  They’d certainly assumed "drugs". 

On Sunday, i got a follow up e-mail from him.  With the comment:

“… apparently not knowing exactly where you are going or exactly what you are doing is a tip off that they should search you”.

Oops.  Suppose i should have coached him on what to say to the nice armed folks at the border… Canada isn’t keen on folks from the US just coming over, wandering around a bit, and staying until they feel as though they’ve seen enough.

Lucky he didn’t get an international colonoscopy….


* Constitution?  Huh?  Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure?  Oops… we forgot about that when we passed the ol’ Patriot Act!   And hey – if you don’t like it?  Then you’re a al Queda-loving terrorist sympathizer who hates America.  And we know where you sleep…