Drama? In a Trailer Park?

The e-mail from my sister, S, had been sent around noon on Thursday.  Doing a quick e-mail check en route to happy hour* and SCUBA class last night, the subject line sort of got my attention:

i’m not always the most perceptive, but my Spidey-sense was tingling.  Yes, perhaps there was something going on down in the Trailer Park.   The message itself was blank.  So i replied, asked “What happened?” and eventually got a report on what seems to be an increasingly smelly pile of family doo doo. 

We did a serious round of excavations last Sunday, and are going back in this weekend.  Mom is a hoarder.  No, let me rephrase that…. MOM IS A HOARDER! 

We’ve “helped” her clean, organize and eliminate her belongings many times in the past, but somehow it continues to get crapped back up again when we’re not paying attention.  We gave up.  She seemed to buy less when she didn’t have open spaces to fill, so we quit creating open space.

The flare up, which triggered my sister to “resign”?  Mom apparently barked at her about throwing out something important – then piled on by calling us “scavengers”.  She wondered what other treasures we’d walked off with last Sunday.

And now a note from daisyfae to her mother: 

“Scavengers”?  Seriously, Mom?  You were apoplectic that we didn’t WANT any of the shit we were boxing up for the church ‘rummage’ sale, or the yard sale to be held this Spring.  i pretended to want some vintage plastic cups** from my youth just to make you feel better about the disposition of some of this shit…

Now we’re scavengers?  Oh, for fuckssake, woman.  We didn’t make this mess…. You have a choice.  We throw this shit out, or you go wallow in it until you die.  Pick one.  You can’t have it both ways…

And so it continues.  i’ll be up to my nostrils in mixed bits of glassware, pieces of 30 year old string and the ubiquitous “plastic storage containers” again this weekend.  Wearing a dust mask provides only slight interference between the mildew, mold, cat dander, mouse poo, dust, crud and dessicated spider husks that fight for space in my sinus cavities…

And so it goes…. Grrrr…… (sigh)….

* For any of you who are tracking “dive safety”, it was a classroom night… i wouldn’t be so stupid as to drink nearly a full bottle of wine before diving.  Probably.

** Goofy Grape, Lefty Lemon, Choo Choo Cherry are now in my possession.  And i’m liable to throw them out… but they really are kinda cute, aren’t they?