One Crowded Hour

Sometimes music appears.  If the planets are aligned perfectly, cosmic consciousness cooperates, and your electronic equipment is operational, this music can become a transitional soundtrack for where you are at a particular point in your life.

That happened a couple weeks ago.  While i was playing in Greece, a lovely and generous couple from Australia decided i needed a particular CD.  When i returned home, Augie March “Moo, You Bloody Choir” arrived in the post.  And it has been on continuous rotation ever since.

The opening track, in particular, has lodged itself in my brain.  “One Crowded Hour”…  have a listen.  And be sure to stop by over at YourZenMine.  One couple, two points of view, and 365 days of music reviews.  They’ve rattled me out of my ‘same old’ music rotation.  Proving that you’re never too old to listen to something new.