Thermal Management

In mid-August, we evacuated our temporary trailer offices and moved into the shiny new office complex at work.  i’m enjoying my daily climb* to the third floor as a bonus workout, and my frequent treks down one floor to hit the only functioning coffee pot in the building.

Despite a few growing pains**, it’s generally been fine – except for a recently discovered glitch with building temperature control.

With a turn in the weather, we are now freezing our collective nutsacks off.  It’s become a bit unpleasant, and i’ve taken to wearing a jacket in the office.  Today was the chilliest day so far.  As we were huddled near the copier for warmth, i was struck by a grand plan to solve the temporary problem, while garnering sufficient management attention to get it solved permanently.

Cornering the kid on the “Morale” committee, i asked him when there would be another fundraiser, selling clothing with the organizational logo.

MoraleBoy:  We usually do the logo sale in the fall – we’re due for another one.

daisyfae:  Forget the golf shirts and denim crap with the embroidered logo.  i want “Snuggies“.  If we’re all hunkered down in a staff meeting, wearing organizationally sanctioned blankets with sleeves?  Someone is bound to get the message.

* Fifty six steps up.  At least twice a day, since i go to the gym every day at lunch.  Plus an additional twenty eight steps down to the coffee pot.  i made a vow when moving in that i would NEVER use the elevator, choosing instead to augment my daily workout.  Silly me.  File that under “what the fuck was i thinking?”

** i’m now in a cube ranch.  Private phone conversations?  No such thing.  Seeing as i swear like a sailor when yakking with certain colleagues, i’m afraid i’m teaching the young engineers across the wall some new vocabulary words…  What’s not to like about yet another opportunity to earn a few “hostile workplace” points”?