Run, colon, run!



I have become a slug-sicle.  Seeing brain-damaged dedicated runners out in freezing rain, snow, fog and ice was initially inspirational.  It became annoying. 

Until i got on the scale this morning {music of doom here}

There were signs that i had done a bit of backsliding.  In the shower last week i felt something on the back of my thigh.  It was my ass….

Time to pound some pavement.

As of this week, i am signed up for a 5k run to benefit colorectal cancer research.  I’m not sure what the offical name is, but it shall henceforth be called the Colon Run.  I started re-training yesterday – indoors, but it’s a start. 

The event is scheduled for 29 March, giving me sufficient time to avoid public humiliation injury.  After just two nights of light cardio, i find myself looking forward to the first ice-free saturday morning… it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.  i need fresh air… and i need to get my rear in gear.