Double Corset Friday – El Segundo*

On my final night in Spain, nursemyra and i had a festive pajama party to celebrate – fully documented, of course!  We had a marvelous time with the “neonphoto shoot on our first night together, but the farewell party had a “black and white” theme. 

Now that i’ve had two opportunities to apprentice with the corset mistress herself, i believe i’ll be able to go back to the regularly scheduled programming.  There may, however, be a “Behind The Corsets” post in the future.  This isn’t an easy process.  Fashion isn’t for sissies.  

Once again, my disclaimer for those random professional colleagues who visit The Park who could be damaged by seeing daisyfae exposing girl-flesh.  And my kids**: 

WARNING – if you work in the same geek-o-sphere as daisyfae and would find a glimpse of her breastages disturbing, DO NOT read past the break.  This one’s gonna hurt…  Also, if daisyfae gave birth to you, avoid future therapy sessions and go back to the “Girls With Guns” website where you can surf until your eyeballs fall out of your head…

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