Here’s to The Resolvers!

i visit a gym five days a week – mostly because it is free as part of my employment, and it allows me to extend my lunch hour a bit every day.  It’s a large facility, servicing many different local organizations.  Because it’s centrally funded, and budgets are tight, there are weeks when the cardio equipment isn’t working, and it’s difficult to get on a machine at peak times.

At the first of the year, this problem becomes far more noticeable, as the crowds of people making the standard New Year’s Resolution to “Get Fit” descend upon the gym, and it becomes even more crowded.  You’ll see them looking for the locker room entrance, trying to figure out how to start this machine or load that weight bar, or just standing in street shoes, scratching something personal, and wondering how to get started.

Invariably, the gym regulars bitch about this endlessly – “Damn New Year’s!  Can’t wait til February when all of these lazy asses disappear and we can have the place back to ourselves.”  Rudeness abounds, as the folks who do this year-round try to maintain the regular schedule, get in, and get out, in a reasonable time frame.

i call “Bullshit” on that!  Instead of being cranky about the new folks, how about a little kindness?  If someone is standing around, trying to figure out how to make the lights show up on the elliptical machine?  Offer some help!  A little encouragement can go a long way.  Was there a time when you were a ‘resolver’?  Were the regulars mean to you?  Did it discourage you?

Although daisyfae doesn’t ‘resolve’, i’m going to make an extra effort to be nice to the new folks who show up at my gym on Monday.  If even 10% of these folks stick it out, then by golly, their lives could be changed! 

Never mind the fact that it could allow me to take another 15-20 minutes on my lunch hour every day…