Four Years After…

It’s November.  How’d that happen?  Everyone seems to be getting their NaBloWriMo groove on, or are working through the reasons they’re thankful.

i’m sitting in a chair, wondering what i could possibly have done last night to make my feet hurt this badly, scratching my bits, and considering options that could possibly make this day at least fractionally productive.

Decided to look back at my posts from four years ago.  November, 2008.

Some scores and highlights:

– Returning from my trip to South America, i sumarized my equatorial experiments.  Putting the myth of the toilet swirl to rest.

– The Girl was studying in Beirut, and The Boy was studying about an hour away.  She’s still living abroad, and he’s learning all sorts of things working through the post-hurricane mess on the east coast.

– A lovely Halloween opportunity to embarass one of my children!

– Having recently moved into my new home, i was still attempting to decorate.  At that point, i didn’t have furniture in the living room.  But i’d already purchased my whole-house integrated audio/video system, and a billiards table.

But then i found the post below.  Four years after, it’s still just as relevant.  We remain a polarized, divided and angry nation.  Fear-mongering is now an acceptable leadership tool. As we make our way through the final days of a gruelling and stinky presidential election cycle, we’re pretty much in the same situation as we were then.

Regardless of the outcome on Tuesday?  We’re screwed….


Grieving on Election Eve

No matter what happens tomorrow, i’ll be sad…

We will remain horrifically divided as a nation.  There will be cries of election fraud regardless of the outcome.  There will be outbursts of intolerance – potentially from either side of the argument.

What brought me down?  Two separate conversations over the past week tell me that i need to get working on my “Find Me a Husband” profile on a Canadian dating website.

The first?  In the office.  After a strategic planning meeting with the working troops, a few of us were doing the post-meeting analysis.  One mentioned that he was encouraged to learn that a mutual friend – an outspoken lifelong democrat – had “seen the light” and plans to vote for McCain.  i expressed surprise, as this individual had been so far left of center in his positions, he made me feel downright uptight in my own.  But he was apparently appalled by the “scam” that is Mr. Obama.

colleague A:  well, you know, they’ll riot no matter what happens.

daisyfae:  Huh?  Who?

colleague B:  you know, they riot no matter what’s going on…

daisyfae:  Seriously, who “they”?

colleague B: Remember Rodney King?  C’mon… you know there’ll be trouble no matter who gets elected!

i was stunned.  But rather than express an opinion, i did the best i could – and played dumb.  Keeping with the “who are the ‘they’ you guys are talking about?” to see if they would eventually say it…

colleague A:  They riot when their sports teams win or lose, so a presidential election with this much at stake is bound to get them in the streets!

daisyfae: What? Ohio State football fans? Not tracking here, guys…

and so it went…  and by the end of the conversation, i was just very sad.

And then there was this little bit from Mom over the weekend.  Mom has made her choice, is disturbed by the direction the country has taken under 8 years of Republican leadership, and voted for Mr. Obama.  She shared that my sister, S, is worried about the outcome of the election.  S works in downtown Cincinnati, at a large law firm.

Mom:  S is thinking about taking the day off Tuesday in case there’s trouble.

daisyfae:  What?  What sort of trouble?

Mom:  She said she’s seen so many foreign people downtown for the past few weeks.  They’re taking pictures of the buildings.  Wearing backpacks.  All the people she works with are worried that there will be bombings or riots.

daisyfae:  You’re shitting me, right?  She’s serious?

Mom:  It’s not just her, but it’s everybody she works with… there was talk of letting everyone work from home because people are so nervous.

What do i grieve for?  The loss of critical thinking skills, rational thought and intelligent debate…  We’re fucked, people… And i’m off to learn the words to the Canadian National Anthem.