Trading favors

As i came home from work, my daughter’s boyfriend, ZZ, came up the stairs with a rather serious look on his face.
ZZ:  Follow me.  There’s something I have to show you.
daisyfae [looking concerned]:  What happened?
ZZ:  Nothing – just follow me to the kitchen.
He then produced several styrofoam boxes from the refrigerator.
ZZ [smiling]:
I bought you and The Girl dinner!  Veggie burger for her, and wings and potato wedges for you!
daisyfae [stuffing face]:  Om nom nom….
ZZ:  Didn’t know what sauces you liked, so I got honey barbecue and mild sauce.
daisyfae [continuing to stuff face with bird wings]:  So… om… mmmmm…. [slurp], what is it you want? [snarf]  Do you want to sleep with my daughter?
The Girl:  Hey, are you negotiating my virtue in exchange for a dozen hot wings and some tater wedges?
ZZ:  Isn’t that called a dowry?
daisyfae: They are pretty good wings…
After i successfully bashed through dinner, The Girl and ZZ were preparing to head out for some grocery shopping.
ZZ:  Do you want us to bring back ice cream?
daisyfae:  What?  Are you trying to buy my favor?  BenAndJerry’sNewYorkSuperfudgeChocolateChunk.  What is it you want from me?
The Girl:  He’s trying to get into your pants.  Ice cream worked on me…