Her body, her choice

As we process the medical wickets that lie ahead for Mom, the prospect of a potentially terminal diagnosis has come up.  She has made it clear that if she is facing such a diagnosis, that she may want to start smoking again.  So long as she is not on oxygen  posing an explosion hazard?  i guess it doesn’t make much difference.

This is the woman who was smoking three packs a day up until the month before her bypass surgery.  She quit cold turkey, telling us that she wanted to live.  She’s not touched a cigarette since April 8th, 2008, although she keeps a carton in the bottom of a box just in case she changes her mind.

The conversation moved along, and i mentioned that lung cancer, as well as the majority of her other ailments, can be directly traced to the fact that she was a heavy smoker for 65 years.  To which she replied “And I enjoyed every one of them.”