Office Chat – 2008 Edition

Although i work in an environment full of geeks, there is a delightful subset of colleagues i’ve grown attached to who have a juvenile and twisted remarkably sharp sense of humor*.  A recent exchange on Friday – typical of our stupidity – was particularly childish amusing. 

Four of us involved, all sitting quietly in our offices pretending to be working.  This discussion started in response to an announcement that one of our pack – a manager who is that remarkable combination of fun and functional – has been selected for promotion and will be leaving us within a few weeks for another part of the organization.

RJAK:  Do you think he’ll still come out to drink dirty martinis with us?  You know, we should schedule an offsite soon…

Ninjaneer (NJN):  He might not associate with lowlifes anymore.  He’ll meet me for drinks, though.

daisyfae (DF):  if you’re buyin’

RN: and wearing heels

RJAK: and the magic techno-loincloth

DF: Yes.  “cloaking” loincloth.  Please…

NJN:  i prefer flats, and I’ll put a garbage can over it.  Only the bottom 4 inches will show.

RJAK:  like this?

RN:  So you named it “oscar the grouch”?  Looks pretty unhappy about what he has to do next.

NJN:  No, i call him “Thor, Hammer of the Gods”

DF:  Ewww…. your penith is thor?  That thucks… Try penithillin…

RJAK:  Should be “Oscar the Ouch”

NJN: Most women just call it “[gasp] Oh God!”  i don’t show it to men.


* it should be noted:  we are all adult, professionals.  responsible for the formulation and execution of state of the art scientific research programs.  age range?  35-47 years of age.  at least physical age.  emotional age:  12-15 at best…  RJAK, the other female, is the 15 year old.