yes, i have…

in my professional community, there are several ‘knowns’ about daisyfae, including:

     a) insatiable lust respect and appreciation for fast cars

     b) will do damn near anything when dared

     c) will do damn near anything without being dared

These particular “knowns” collided one day in a corporate parking lot… 

One of the founders of a very successful company had indulged in a guilty pleasure after decades of hard work.  He purchased a Ferrari.  As fate would have it, i was visiting just a few days after he purchased this pavement-munching monster, and he was still deeply immersed in the anal-retentive ‘don’t hurt my baby’ phase of toy ownership. 

Leaving the headquarters building at the end of the day, i had the opportunity to see it… 

There it was – literally gleaming in the sun!  Screaming at me…  What did it say?

“lick me”

So i did.  And i left a big ol’ tongue mark snaking across the drivers side window like the slime trail of a slug.  This astonished and amused my companions, including the corporate VP.

VP: [laughing] so… what did it taste like?

daisyfae: road grime…

Yes, i have licked a Ferrari.  And, no – contrary to all the marketing and hype, it did not taste like turbo-charged, metallic sex….