Pavlov’s Bedroom

The Boy was home for Mother’s Day.  It’s been about a month or more since he’s made the trek, as he’s been swamped with school and work.  He hadn’t seen the new furniture, and some of the changes i’ve made since his last trip home.

Giving him a tour of my bedroom, i proudly pointed out my monument to sloth, the coffee bar, just a few steps from my bed.  i awaken, start a cup, take a leak, and return to fresh brewed coffee.  Because i am very lazy.

The Boy:  This place looks like a hotel room, right down to the fake plant sticks in the vase behind the coffee maker…

It hadn’t hit me until that moment — but he’s absolutely right.  For the past couple years, as i’ve built my ideal “bubble”, it has evolved into a hotel room.

Five years ago, i upgraded my mattress and springs.  What did i buy?  The exact set that i’d fallen in love with a few years prior – replicating The Westin Heavenly Bed.   The first time i encountered this fluffy cloud of ecstasy, i was hooked.  Had to have it.  i had never had such a perfect night’s sleep.  i didn’t buy it from the website, mind you, just did some research and replicated it.  And i still love it.

At the time i bought it, i was sleeping with a brown dog – and have since added an orange cat – and i couldn’t go so far as to get all those frou-frou white linens, but i have the fluffy feather pillows and goose down comforter, with the high thread count sheets.  In shades that sort-of kinda almost mask the critter fur.

It’s a hotel bed.

The Ikea dresser and end tables?  Black.  Squared off.  Glass tops.  Simple.  It’s hotel furniture.

My leather comfy chair?  Would look at home in any Hilton room.  Just needs a room service tray on the footstool.

Talking with friends while on the road this week, i was reminded of the old George Carlin schtick on “Stuff”.  How we like it around us.  Even when we travel, we bring our “Stuff” so we feel at home.  Also how the hotel chains are further encouraging brand loyalty by keeping all rooms fairly similar in style, furnishings and layout – because we feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Reckon with all my time on the road these past few years, i’m working it backwards.  i made my “Stuff” look like the road.