cardiac kid…

My son, who is just a few months short of his 21st birthday, has inherited a self-destructive bent from his mother.  Although he’s very smart, and doing well at the university, i still worry about him.  A lot. 

While home on my lunch hour this week, we had a lovely mother-son text exchange.  Out of the blue, i got this:

The Boy:  Do you know my blood type?

daisyfae:  O pos – Why are you asking?

The Boy:  Well, I’m at this hospital, and they think it might be relevant.  Just kidding.  We were going over it in biology and I was curious.

daisyfae:  Fuck. You.

kill the boy

My mantra regarding my son is “keep him alive til he’s 25”.  Frequently, i wonder if his ol’ lady is the greatest threat to his continued existence…