30 Days to a…..

Watch this.  Go ahead.  i’ll wait.  It’s about 3 1/2 minutes… C’mon, attention deficients!  My internet-addled brain sat through it.  Twice.

My friend bob challenged me, and a few other mates*, to try something new for 30 days.  And report on it here.  It starts tomorrow, so i’ll have to figure out something i can do while taking an extended vacation for a couple of weeks…

30 day challenge.  Do something once a day for 30 days.  Challenge.  Hmmmm…

Give up sugar?  No way.  Booze = sugar.  i ain’t crazy.  Give up “white foods”?  Meh… one could argue that potatoes are beige.  Give up tormenting the emotionally unstable?  Would probably serve me well, but what fun would that be?

My days and nights are full of fun and adventure, work provides sustenance to pay for fun and adventure, and both of the progeny are in good places** at the moment.  What i lack is Purpose.  Growth.  Forward momentum.  Utility. 

Don’t get me wrong – this whole “farting around” thing is a blast!  i still have four weeks of scheduled vacation ahead in this calendar year!  Doing my first ‘zipline tour’ this week.  Have tackled new SCUBA certifications this year, and will be trying those out within a couple of months…

Living life as a pinball has drawbacks, though.  What i’ve lost? Among other things, my ability to drill into a subject, execute research from many angles, and formulate my own opinion.  Critical thinking requires data.  Extracting knowledge from that requires thought. 

Reading.  Not scanning but reading.  It’s different.

Sure, i spend hours every day reading.  But it’s beeps and squeaks on the internet.  Blogs.  Short ‘flyover’ news blurbs.  Headlines.  “Call and response” e-mail traffic at work, covering diverse subjects.

i have lost my ability to sit down and read for any length of time.  Unless my ass is in an airplane seat… but even then, i’m prone to sleep.  Often snoozing before the plane has pushed back from the gate.

Speaking of sleep, there’s another thing i sort of suck at…  My friend, AB, has been studying the effects of sleep on human cellular repair/regeneration.  She has repeatedly emphasized to me the importance of sleep on general health and longevity.

My sleep schedule is pretty bad.  In bed around midnight, asleep maybe 30 minutes later, and i start swatting the snooze alarm somewhere around 0600.  Less than six hours sleep/night?  Probably not enough.

So what to attempt for 30 days?  With the admonishment “Simple = Sustainable” rattling around in my head, it shall be this:

My 30 Day Challenge:  Read a book (e- or paper) for at least 30 continuous minutes/day.  Go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier*** than i usually would.  Can combine this with 30 minutes of reading at bedtime, but not required…

30 Days to a More Focused, Better Rested daisyfae… 

Will do the updates here.  Let the accountability begin!


* Let me know if you want to play.  He would like to get the game up to 30 people

** In general?  Not in my basement…

***  Weekends, i sometimes stay up later, but get up at 0730 when the sun shines in my face… at least this time of year.