Product Placement – WIN!

Prior to the booze and music cruise, i was sorting options for smuggling alcohol on board the ship – rather than pay the ridiculous prices after we set sail.  Much to my complete and total surprise, it was The Boy who suggested this rather spectacular product:

The Wine Rack 

Oh, it is spectacular in concept.  And a bit brilliant in design!  Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive on my doorstep in time for me to take it on the cruise.  So tonight is the Maidenform Voyage of my Wine Rack!  An evening of local theater – which will probably be pretty good.  But i’m practicing for the next bad one i have to endure…

In the box

Before i am loaded

Loading – with a nice bottle of 2008 Layer Cake Shiraz

Gives entirely new meaning to “juicy cleavage”.  There’s 750 ml of red delicious yumminess in them thar boobies!  And i gained TWO FULL CUP SIZES!

i’m going to modify the hose to put an actual nipple on it.  the show must go on…