It’s about 5pm here.  Left work early.  i have to leave for the airport in exactly 11 hours.  That’d be for a 6am flight.

i have a suitcase that contains:  wetsuit, fins/mask/snorkel, buoyancy compensator (dive vest), swimsuits (yes, two, in case there is a blowout), dive boots, SCUBA log book, regulator/dive computer…

i have a backpack that contains:  iPod, noise canceling headphones, passport, chargers, ASUS 900eeePC baby travel laptop, point and shoot camera, memory cards, portable keyboard, optical mouse, books for plane, assorted chargers and cables and geek-shrapnel.

i have not yet packed one article of clothing.  The resort is NOT clothing optional…. 

Holy shit

i’ve always traveled a bit by the seat of my pants…  Likely to be even more sporadic than usual for the week.  Surf’s up!