Darkness and Light

In the midst of real estate dealings at home and in The Park, not to mention packing and moving, i had a two day business trip thrown in for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Other than a few blips with a canceled flight, leading to a two hour delay in getting home yesterday, it was fun and sort of nice to get away from the madness at home.

Sitting down with The Girl last night, talking logistics, and sorting schedules, she asked me if i’d heard from The Boy* since he got to Canada.  i’d sent him a text message on Wednesday morning, and got a note back that he was having a great time, met some wonderful locals, and was camping.  i’d caught him as he was headed out for his morning swim – in the river behind his campsite.

Her instantaneous response stopped me cold:  “What if someone stole his cellphone.  His body is floating in the river.”

Clutching my heart – while simultaneously laughing my ass off – i was stunned that my optimistic, warm and generally light daughter would ever think of such a dark scenario.

daisyfae: Holy Shit!  You’ve been watching too much “true crime” television.

The Girl:  Yeah.  But can’t you just see the story on 20/20 or Primetime?

So we yucked it up, laughed ourselves silly.  And she realized that i was just a bit bothered by the idea that someone had robbed and murdered The Boy, and was keeping the law at bay by replying to his text messages…  She offered to text him to check in and reassure me – so i could get to sleep!

The Girl:  How is Canada?  I’m moving on Saturday.  Assume you won’t be back by then.

The Boy:  I may be back by then.  Had a good time, but ready to come home.

The Girl:  That’s cool.  Dad, his girlfriend and Mom are going to help move on Sat.  Should be interesting.  Oh, so i accidentally convinced Mom that you are dead.  If you could text me back the name of the brown dog, or something else only you would know, that’d be great.

The Boy:  you’ll have to fill me in on that when i’m back.  i’ll text her and let her know that i am definitely not dead.

The Girl:  you didn’t answer the security question.  how do i know it’s really you? What’s the name of the brown dog?

The Boy:  Patches, eh?

The Boy (to daisyfae’s phone):  I have heard some rumors aboot me being dead, but let me assure you I am very much alive, eh?

daisyfae (to The Boy):  If you really ARE The Boy, what magazines are stuck together under your bed?

The Boy:  Tranny Truckers Unleashed 2

daisyfae: Yay!  It’s really you!  You’re ALIVE!

The Boy:  LOL, eh?


*  He’s a good kid.  Smart, funny, hard-working…  But there have been moments when i worry a great deal about his health, safety and well-being.  My mantra:  “Keep him alive til he’s twenty-five”.  (sigh)  The Girl just wanders off around the world, including her solo trip to Morocco last summer, and is headed into Beirut for 3 months.  Nope.  Nothing scary about that, either…