The Unspoiled Queen*

Where have i been?  On a very strange rock in the Atlantic Ocean for the past week.  After an arrival at the homestead in the very wee hours of the morning, i’ve been in the throes of post-travel excavations.

Some short, random neural firings:

– The retirement countdown clock ticks loudly. Even the most intrepid, hard-working employees are simply cogs in a giant bureaucratic corporate monkey-spank.  We try to do a good job, and earn the paycheck, but in the end, it just doesn’t matter…

– It has become apparent that my lack of fitness is getting in the way of living the life i want to lead.  This simply won’t do…

– Adventure travel can be exhausting.  Especially when one is out of shape.  (see previous random neural firing).

– Adventurous people will press on through exhaustion.  Naps are for cupcakes!

– “Bravery” takes many forms.  It can appear as a soldier rushing to aid his fallen comrade despite obvious peril.  It can manifest itself as the same soldier fighting back from near-mortal wounds.  Or it can take the form of a woman who walks away from a comfortable life behind a desk to follow her heart to a small rock in the ocean.

That’s all i’ve got for now.  i’m off to de-skunk my SCUBA gear.  It’s been stowed in my closet for almost a year.  i’m pretty sure i don’t want to let it get that lonely again…

i’ve been short on time to read blogs – will try to catch up over the next few days. Between naps, of course…

* What is the meaning of the title of this post?  That is left as an exercise for the reader…

The first time

i met him at work last autumn, and over the course of few months, we became friends – finding a million little things that we had in common.  Too many to ignore.  At some point, we both knew it was inevitable, and finally admitted that we needed to take this just a little further… To find out if there really is something there.

But it was still awkward to be alone together for the first time.  Prepared?  As much as schedules and life would allow.  There was goofy, nervous chatter when i arrived at his house last night.  “You want a beer?”  “Oh, god, yes!  Thank you!  Absolutely!” 
A quick tour of the downstairs of his partially restored 1880’s farmhouse.  Chit-chat about this odd object, or the eleven-foot ceilings.  A few moments of awkward silence as i took off my shoes.  It was time to get to it.  The moment at hand…  Don’t think.  Just go… 

We started slowly.  First me, then him.  And the moment we joined together.  No matter how many times i’ve done this, it’s always rough at the beginning.  Tested the waters, tried a little of this and a little of that… touch and response.  Nervous laughter.  We found more than a little bit of resonance.
Then it started to become natural.  Finding the perfect chord that triggered a flood of memories, and launched us in a new direction.  Another beer, another round – this time more comfortable and relaxed.  And just damn fun!
By the end of the evening we were tearing it up like two adolescent demons – inhibitions forgotten, getting hopelessly lost in the moment.  Will we do this again?  No doubt about it.  There is something there.  Something that must be indulged.  That magical combination of “common ground” and “new territory”. 
i have, at last, found what i was looking for…  Never expected to find him at work.  Never in a million years did i expect to find such a good fit.
This guy plays guitar like the bastard child of Jimmy Page and Segovia, cross-bred with the spooge of Steve Howe and Jack Johnson.  We know much of the same eclectic (and seemingly random) stuff – and put together a list of 12 “must do” songs.

And yes.  As a matter of fact, i did smoke a cigarette on the drive home…


CLARIFICATION:  Not a raucous tryst, folks.  Guitar jam.  i’ve been looking for a band, or some way to reinvigorate my music.  He’s delightful, but we’re not doing the nasty…  i don’t blog that stuff.  My kids already have bad enough trauma knowing that i get laid.