Digging out and wandering around…

Odds and ends from a marginally disrupted daisyfae…

– Power was back on at my new place by noon on Monday (storm was through our area Sunday afternoon/evening).  i was lucky.  Four days later there are still hundreds of thousands of people in the region in the dark. 

– My old house is still seriously dead.  Since that neighborhood is on well water, no electricity means no water.  Which means i’ve invited a few of my old neighbors over to my new place to shower*…  And there’s a potential impact to the repairs on the old place – can’t really install a new chimney if there’s no water for mortar.

– Cable TV Dependency:  More than just “Project Runway” withdrawal…  Those of us who have “bundled service” (cable tv, landline phone and internet connectivity) are fucked.  There was apparently much damage to the infrastructure, and restoration of service has been slow.  At first i was pissed off at my neighbor**, and was tempted to knock on his door to tell him to reboot his fucking system, but then realized that there is simply no internet connectivity.  Ugh.

– Television stations are annoying as all fuck.  No one has power.  Stations are constantly broadcasting “tune in for storm recovery updates”.  Better yet?  They are sending people to their website for information.  Hello?  If we ain’t got power, we ain’t got the TV-tubes.  And even if we DO have power, we’re all roaming the city, seeking active WiFi connections… Because regional cable/internet is wounded.

– Roving Bands of Wireless Pirates:  We’re starting to recognize each other.  The look.  Backpacks full of gear, desperation in our eyes.  Looking for a fix.  Going from cafe to bookstore to Starbucks… seeking connection.  Some of these people smelllook as though they haven’t showered for a couple days.  You’d think that would be a higher priority than the interweb.  Passing tips: “Panera is still dead, but i heard that Barnes and Noble is back up and wired…”.  Whining about having to pay $10 for a 24 hour pass at the local Starfucks***.

– Sad: As is always the case, the people who are the hardest hit?  The people who have the least options.  Those folks who have been squeaking by paycheck-to-paycheck are completely hosed.  Fewer resources mean fewer options for escape.  At least the state has offered to replace Food Stamps for those who have lost everything in their refrigerators and freezers due to power outages.  But it will take a week.  In the meantime?  The food banks are pretty bare…

– Resourcefulness:  A good reminder for me not to throw out my camping gear as i purge belongings.  i’ve got a gas powered generator, propane stove, non-electric can openers and all sorts of ‘gear’ that can come in handy in such circumstances.  And i can make a fire.  What i intend to add to the collection?  Chainsaw.  [grunt, scratch].  Bow saw just doesn’t cut it….

– Smells Like Disaster:  Driving through the old neighborhood, i was hit with a powerful smell.  Combination of wood chips, smoke and fresh autumn air.  Sounds?  The occasional generator humming in a back yard, chainsaws, wood chippers… If it weren’t such a pain in the ass…

– Usefulness:  A local church has been offering free hot meals every evening between 5pm – 7pm.  If that isn’t the most useful thing a church can do, then i don’t know what is.  Let’s hear it for the Methodists – and those lovely ladies who can whip up a jello-salad to feed hundreds!

Lucky: Yep.  That’s me.  This could have been SO MUCH WORSE – had we gotten the rain.  instead?  Gorgeous autumn weather!  High pressure blue skies, not a cloud to be seen…  If water had been pouring through all of those punctured homes?  Ouch. 


* No.  Not like that.  We were close, but no exchanges of bodily fluids.

** The source of my bootlegged internet connection.  Mine had just been set up – but wasn’t quite operational yet when the power crashed.

*** Which is where i am now…  Annoyed to the point that i am refusing to buy their goddamned $5 coffee.