In semiconductor device research there are often surprises when the device or circuit designed does not operate as it should.  “Device parasitics”.  Ugh.  This means that some part of the device, or circuit, is behaving like something it is not supposed to be…

While the device or circuit may seem to be running normally, when pushed into operation outside normal conditions, it may take a massive electronic dump, shutting down unexpectedly, and perhaps taking out very expensive systems as collateral damage.

In other news…

“We really need to get together again!  That was SO much fun last time!”

“Are you going to the party at Twyla and Grover’s place this weekend?  You always get the dancing started!  Bring your drums and hula hoop!”

“Can you make it to the workshop on the east coast in November?  It’s going to suck.  We need you there for post-session therapy!”

Fuck it folks.  i’m down for the count.  Something in my circuits is behaving badly.

Stay out of my intestines for a bit while i recover…  My party circuits shot a massive load over the past few weeks and are broken.  Contrary to the rumors, i am not a perpetual motion machine, fueled by bacon.

My efficiency is low, and what little energy i have at the moment is focused on driving the massive quantities of snot from my cranial cavities.

Yeah.  Drop dead sexy.  That’s me.  Now leave me alone and pass the fucking Nyquil.

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