“Bitter The Apple”

Mom picked that title – “Bitter The Apple”.  From my earliest recollection, she always said that if she wrote the book of her life, that’s what she’d call it.

Even as a young child, i found it depressing.  I couldn’t figure out why her life was so awful?  We lived in a working-class suburb – owned our own house.  There was a gigantic farm field behind it, suitable for endless games of “capture the flag”.  And woods – where we used stolen construction supplies to build amazing tree forts.  The neighborhood was full of kids – we were never lonely and there were adventures to be had!

The family was quirky, mealtimes were loud, six of us were crammed into a smallish house, but we were all healthy and shared lots of laughs.  Dad had a good job – we didn’t see him much during the week, but he was always around on the weekends, working on projects, leading discussions on philosophy, music and life, or teaching us to throw a variety of balls at each other.  We went camping every summer – where bathing was entirely optional for a week!

Why was Mom so bitter?

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The shot that keeps you coming back

Golf is an addictive game, so i’m told, because on any given day even an average golfer can have a fantastic game, or just an amazing moment.  It’s called “the shot that keeps you coming back”.

I spent three hours in The Park this morning.   It may seem from my commentary to date that i’m just out here to make fun of them.  Well, ok.  There’s a little of that. With this much material?  How could i resist?  There’s been guilt, though.  I wasn’t sure whether my love for my family would come through.  Just yesterday i wondered if i’d ever find something uplifting to write about!

This morning?  I got it.  Double barrel blast of magic.  Almost had to stop for insulin on the drive home… it was that sweet.

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