Making Friends

Arriving in the hotel lobby yesterday afternoon, it was a busy place.  Our group of 12, plus others coming and going.  We are the ‘new kids’ with the dive shop, and other than some brief interactions with the Dive Leader as we empty our wallets at his dive shop, we really don’t know the people we are going to be spending a lot of time with this week.

We were standing next to the two assistant Dive Leaders, both total hotties in their mid 30″s.  The young men had been making polite conversation with us as we waited for the others to finish the check in process.

Passing directly in front of us was a young couple, early-mid 20”s.  Possibly newlyweds.  He had his right arm in a full cast.  She was a tiny thing, in a bikini top and shorts, with a rack for the ages.  As they passed, i commented to my friend “did you catch those?” – but of course he was too distracted to hear my question.

The Assistants heard it and sort of grinned.  One said to the other “motorboat”.  i said “How do you think he broke his arm? ‘Man Injured in Motorboat Accident. Film at Eleven”.

Yep.  They now know that daisyfae isn’t exactly another Polite Suburban Hausfrau being dragged on a dive trip by Adventuresome Hubby…