The family that moves together…

We’re all moving.  With The Boy starting at the main campus of his university in Sept, he will be joining The Girl as she completes her final year of her undergraduate program.  They will be sharing a two bedroom apartment*.  The Boy is still camping in the great north, and The Girl is finishing up final exams for the summer term.

She will be moving to the new place Saturday.  The Boy will move late next week.  i am moving on Monday.  This is getting really fucking old…  But onward…

The Girl coordinated the Saturday morning move with her father – whose hands are needed since her brother skipped the country** – and he will be meeting us at her apartment.  Today, The Girl mentioned that he is a bit vexed – in a “damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t situation” with his live-in girlfriend

Seems she is annoyed that he and i will be working this together.  She couldn’t decide whether it would drive her more batty to be there, and have to meet me face to face, or not be there, and apparently worry that i’m going to steal him back***.  He even politely offered to handle it without me, to allow me to deal with my own move.  Nice of him, but i’d promised to help her move.  i’m helping her move.

The Girl and i are both in agreement – “WHATEVER! This ain’t high drama, it’s moving shit!”  More hands are better, and it’s nice that she wants to help, and i’ll be polite and keep my breastages under wraps and all that…  Sheesh…  But it does present a bit of extra burden for The Girl.

The Girl:  I’ll have to go to the apartment tomorrow night and clean things up if she’s going to be there…

daisyfae:  yeah, probably a good idea.

The Girl:  I mean, you and Dad already know i’m disgusting…****


* Yes.  i’m an evil mother.  Getting naked in public, posting my partson the interweb, and all of the other annoying things i’ve done has certainly toughened them up.  forcing them to live together during a year of college should finish the job, and make them numb to life’s twists and bumps… or send them into perma-therapy.

** Not to avoid moving us both.  He’d scheduled this long before we’d planned moves… but his timing in the avoidance of manual labor is impeccable, and he is truly destined for an executive vice presidential position somewhere…

*** “honey, if i’d wanted to hang onto him, you’d still be living under a rock, barking at neighborly rodents.  oh yes i did…. beyatch….”

**** not really “disgusting”, she simply has a high threshold for dishes piled in the sink… we’ve all been there.