Interesting fact about being at the equator in Ecuador – due to altitude, it’s not hot and steamy the way you imagine the equator to be, but cool and typically dry.  During our visit?  TORRENTIAL RAIN! 

More later on my “drainage” experiments – i’m collecting data from all sources.  In the process, i have learned another interesting fact – it’s very difficult to photograph water in a sink or toilet bowl.  Experiments with additives continue…

i’m. such. a. geek.


Off to Galapagos for 3 days – do not expect internet connectivity, so will pop back in on the other side!

Travel Prep – Geek-style

Although i have no idea what is “normal”, i know it’s not me when it comes to travel prep. i leave for Spain in less than 48 hours. Up until yesterday, i hadn’t given any thought to clothing for the trip. Thanks to azahar and nursemyra (and nog‘s computer), i’m now aware that southern Spain is hot.

Somehow i probably should have known this…

But, i was too busy with my really important travel preparations! i bought a new travel laptop!  Nerd Joy of Joys! It’s an Asus EeePC 900. To quote The Girl when she first saw it “Awww…. it’s cute! It thinks it’s a real PC!”.  Wicked cool stuff – cheap, rugged and extrordinarily functional*.  It’s got a slot for a photo memory card and an embedded 1.3MPixel Webcam**.

Oh, and i needed a new camera – the one i had is an ancient Kodak digital – but it was the first 3.1 MPixel on the market!  Time for an upgrade! Picked up a Canon S5 IS – high quality “point-and-shoot for idiots”.  I’ve had some help figuring out how to use the timer, so this li’l puppy is ready for adventure! 

Granted, these purchases are not just for the holiday in Spain, but in preparation for a two-week excursion to South America in October.  i may never get back to the Galapagos, and need good toys.  This trip allows time to practice, and optimize peripherals if needed.

Speaking of peripherals…

Since nursemyra and i are threatening considering a dual “Corset Friday“, and she’s already purchased a lime green corset for this event, naturally, i’ve managed to purchase just the right items to assure maximum color coordination!  Fashion isn’t for sissies, after all…  Festive underthings?  Check.

Oh, and books!  Got about five books so far.  Enough time on planes to read at least three, and figure i can borrow a few from my holiday gal pals!  Twenty bags of Orville Redenbacher’s finest popcorn stand ready to be compacted into baggies, and stashed lovingly into my suitcase as well. 

So.  What have i forgotten?  Ummmm.  Clothing?  Yes, clothing for 10 days away from home might be a good thing to pack…  Jeans – which i’ve now been told are too hot to wear in southern Spain in July.  Suppose i could wear the festive undergarments as evening wear, but suspect i’ll need something more.  Shit.  Where exactly does one purchase a “wisp of cotton” that won’t make me look like a cow? 


i’ll have to dig something out of The Girl’s closet, excavate beneath the bed or just buy something during my layover in Philadelphia***.  There are more important things to do between now and then!  Like scrounging through electronic surplus stores to find an adapter that will let me hook up my external folding keyboard to the Eee PC! 


* Just like me!

** No.  There shall be no “Corset Friday Preparation Video”.  Sorry.

*** Little Known Fact:  Magazines and Travel Pillows can be stuck together with Post-it Notes and fashioned into garments.