Since my divorce a few years ago, i’ve been quite comfortable with my decision to “stay flexible”, not committing to any exclusive partnerships.  i like living alone, not being accountable to anyone – just my own conscience and my dog.  At the moment, i “hang out” with a few special gentlemen*. 

But what to call this?  Who are they?  As humans we have a pesky bent toward having names for things, so our overloaded pea brains can comprehend where everything fits, and we can get on with life.  Not happy with tags such as “boyfriend”, “friend”, “man-friend”, “significant other” – or the overworked “fuck buddy”, “friends with fluid exchange benefits”.  None of them truly apply.  And each of these friends are unique… serving different roles in my life, so no one tag would apply to all…

Leave it to xkcd to help me sort out at least one of these situations.  There’s one local gentleman that is my closest friend, and we’ve struggled to “name it”.  i like this… because i’m a huge dork, among other things.

But does that qualify me as a tax deduction?

But does that qualify me as a tax deduction?

*the actual number is a state secret… they all know that there are others… but the details are mine, thankyouverymuch.