Test Anxiety

Tomorrow morning i’m taking the test on second course in my professional development series, which must be completed this year.  The first time?  Kinda stressful.  This one isn’t even multiple choice.  It’s a short answer test – 20 questions extracted from about 90 possible questions.

i think i’m prepared. i’ll know for sure next week when i get the scores back.  been slamming through “flash cards” with my classmates on lunch hours for the past two weeks, while banging my head against the information as well every night.  Never mind the fact that we’ve been working through two lessons per week (twice the recommended rate) for the past four months or so.

But in the meantime, here i go… Test anxiety?  Nah… i’ll just get creative…

BREAKING NEWS:  i passed.  just got the e-mail.  not sure what my score was, but it was “excellent” and that means more than 71% (probably 80-89%), but more importantly that means i can spend the majority of my weekend attending a local Celtic Festival guilt-free.  Drinking, dancing, and drinking-and-dancing.  W.H.E.W.