Interesting fact about being at the equator in Ecuador – due to altitude, it’s not hot and steamy the way you imagine the equator to be, but cool and typically dry.  During our visit?  TORRENTIAL RAIN! 

More later on my “drainage” experiments – i’m collecting data from all sources.  In the process, i have learned another interesting fact – it’s very difficult to photograph water in a sink or toilet bowl.  Experiments with additives continue…

i’m. such. a. geek.


Off to Galapagos for 3 days – do not expect internet connectivity, so will pop back in on the other side!

Arrival in Ecuador

Just a few quick notes as we head out to explore Quito, Ecuador today…

– The Bathroom angels sang “Hallelujah!”  Plumbing tolerates paper! 

– Fan-damn-tastic meal last night, Broiled Sole in garlic sauce, vegetables, and dessert – plus 3 generous helpings of a local beer – for $18.  Including service.  And the beer angels sang “Uuuuurp…”

– Working girls, casinos and 110V electricity… just like home.

– Let the experimentation begin:  Very close to the equator (Quito is slightly north of 0 degrees).  While not he primary reason for my journey, i am on a mission.  There will be experimental toilet flushing above, below and hopefully AT the equator.  Relax, people, i’m a scientist… i shall seek truth…