food? huh?

The Girl has graduated, and The Boy had the summer off, so needless to say, the Daisyfae Dream Condo has been hopping this summer.  Both of them have a marked tendency toward vampire body clocks, despite my annoying need to rise at 0600 every morning.  We learned to cohabitate well – they stayed out of my ‘bubble’ (mostly) and kept the noise down when the old broad needed to sleep.

Food-wise, however, it’s been a bit odd.  i found myself looking forward to days when The Girl would infest the kitchen, trying out new recipes and on occasion, making a midnight grocery run to purchase ingedients for the world’s most fabulous oatmeal-pecan-chocolate chip cookies.

Both of them have returned to their apartment near the university for a couple days to finish clearing out the old apartment, prior to moving day this coming Sunday.  Coming home from work tonight to a quiet home, i found myself going straight to the fridge – hoping like hell there would be some leftovers…

i really need to cook.  ok.  even more fundamental?  i probably should go to the grocery more than once every two months…


Note to the offspring:  Ate the rest of the mac and cheese.  And what the fuck kind of Doritos were those?  Nasty-assed things.  Nearly killed the taste of the Kraft cheddar in the noodles… C’mon, guys.  i’m wasting away here….