Filter? What filter?

Last Sunday afternoon, i had a ‘first date’ with a new gent. We were having a grand time, playing pool and yakking our heads off. Although i don’t pretend to be someone i’m not, i’ve learned that i should meter out the doses of ‘daisyfae’, so as not to completely terrify a man unused to my… um… direct communication style.

In short? i was trying to be nice-ish, and make a reasonably good first impression.

After a few games of pool, we stopped by the bar for a beer. Asking the bartender what he had on draft, he went on to describe their craft brew selections – including several regional beers.  He mentioned an amber bock style, which is one that i like. Both of us selected that particular beer, and as the bartender turned to pull the tap he said “Uh oh! I think we’re out of it!”

Before i knew it – “You are SUCH a bock tease!” came out of my mouth.

Momentary silence. Thirty seconds later, a gal at the bar started cracking up. The bartender turned and grinned at the bad joke. And my date about fell over – laughing. It all ended well, but i swear, i need to see about getting some neuro-linguistic filters installed…

And it sort of makes me wonder just how obnoxious i’m gonna be when i’m really old.