Heading Check

It seems that when i am on extended travel, something goes whack at the homestead.  From small electrical fires to unexpected encounters with the local gendarmes, i have gotten the occasional call that can jack up my vacation time…

So i check in with my adult children to see how things are going… frequently using text messaging.

daisyfae:  Hope things are going well.  How’s the brown dog?

The Boy:  Lost most of his fur in the fire.

daisyfae:  The cat?

The Boy:  You mean “the hat”*?

daisyfae:  i’m not EVEN going to ask how The Girl is doing…


* Our new cat has a rather remarkable ‘squirrel’ tail.  i commented that it would look quite nice flying from my car antenna.  After the cat passes away, of course.  The Boy?  His preference would be to turn the pelt into a Davy Crockett-style hat… yeah.  we’re weird.