i know it when i see it

The hotel on my recent trip was perfectly located – within walking distance of the city market, and the river district. Considered a “3-star” place, it could have used a little update to the room decor.

Specifically, the bathrooms. Old style tub, craptastic water pressure, and limited countertop space – space on the sink was so limited you pretty much have to stow some toiletries on the back of the toilet, and excercise care not to accidently send your toothpaste for a swim.

Contemplating the meaning of life one morning, i noticed the print across from the toilet. Thought perhaps it was just me, but after discussing it with friends at the workshop – who had the same print in the bathroom – it wasn’t.

Does anything strike you as odd about this little bit of artwork?

“There once was a monkey from Nantucket…*”


For what it’s worth, i didn’t know the classic obscene version of this limerick, but was coached by one of the Dawg Boyz, who also found this particular bit of artwork inspiring…